Amy Satori

Intuitive Spiritual Counselor


Amy Satori


Amy is naturally and passionately devoted to helping both people and animals with her sharp intuition, healing abilities,and sound advice. She telepathically communicates with loving spiritual beings of the unseen world for the purpose of expanding your consciousness. She works with these beings to detect thoughts, sounds, visions, colors, textures, shapes, feelings,and knowingness in your auric field that symbolize destructive patterns that you may or not be consciously aware of at this time, but that are getting in your way nonetheless. These impressions that surface are perceptions in your life that require your attention and alteration in order for you to break through to deeper levels of understanding and higher levels of satisfaction and enjoyment of your life. She acts as an interpreter between the spiritual and physical world, with the intention of encouraging and teaching you how to heal yourself in every way bringing you back to spiritual alignment.In expanding an individual's consciousness in this way, she is expanding the consciousness of the entire universe as we are all linked and all one. When one person comes closer to love, the whole world moves closer to love.


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Remote, Email or In-Person Readings

Cost: Prices ranging from $75-200
select your preference when you book

Whether you have a list of questions to ask about your life, want me to talk to your pet, work on a physical ailment, connect with a loved one who has passed, or just tell you what I see in your energy field in terms of blockages to your ultimate happiness, I can help you with that during your reading. I intuitively connect with your higher self, spirit guides, and any loving, benevolent beings who’d like to participate in helping you and will give you intuitive feedback as to the most beneficial answers to you and anyone else that may be indirectly involved. 

PHONE READING: After you order, I send you a link to my calendar then call you at your appointed time. Please have a piece of paper and pen ready when I call so you can take notes. If you plan to record our session, please let me know first.   

EMAIL READING: You will get a 350-400 word response within 7-14 days. Tell me whatever you'd like to know, keeping in mind that, the more questions you have, the less I can tell you about each item to keep it limited and be fair to everyone. In other words, if you have two questions, you'll get paragraph on each, but, if you have 20 questions, you may just get a brief sentence on each for example. Please give me a brief synopsis because, although I would love to hear your whole story, I just do not have the time.   

IN-PERSON READING: This can be done in your home or a public meeting place, when you order here on my website or you can come to The Lighthouse Bookstore on Pearl Street in Boulder Thursday - Saturday 11:30-8pm where my rate is $1.50/minute. If you plan to come see me at The Lighthouse, please call 303-939-8355 to reserve a date and time.

By using my services, you are agreeing to my terms and conditions.

Quick Relationship 10-15 Card Tarot Spread Video

Cost: $22

I will pull 2-3 cards (depending on whether or not the 2 cards need clarifying) on what your partner is thinking about you, what he or she is feeling about you, the actions they plan to take regarding you, how they feel over all at this time about your connection, and what their intentions are for their future with you. Then I’ll let you know the card underneath the deck which is the overall theme for every other card in the spread so you can get a good idea of where you stand with this person. I will also add any intuitive impressions I get when I do the spread.


Home Clearing

Cost: $200 for 1-1/2 hrs

I will come to your home and clear it of any negative or “off” energies, visiting each room intuitively feeling into what each area needs in order to bring you more peace. I will recommend colors, objects, and any activities needed to change the energy of that space for you and your family.


Groups or Parties

Cost: $45 Deposit + $120/hr

I can come to your gathering as your special guest if you're located within 2 hours of Boulder, CO.  Just set me up in a quiet location with a card table and two chairs (or equivalent) and set up a schedule for people to talk to me for 20-60 minutes each back to back (or first come, first serve style). To book, submit a $45 deposit today I keep if you cancel within 48 hours or it covers a reading for the host. Then we work out the time and date that works best. One deposit per party. You can put several deposits down if you have multiple parties you'd like to reserve me for ahead of time.


Emergency Readings

Cost: $5/minute

If you have an emergency during my off hours, and I am available, I will charge you $5.00 per minute.

You must be an existing client and I have to approve of this beforehand.



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