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Remote Reading Package

Pyshic Phone Service
Pyshic Phone Service

Remote Reading Package

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Whether you have a list of questions to ask about your life, want me to talk to your pet, work on a physical ailment, connect with a loved one who has passed, or just tell you what I see in your energy field in terms of blockages to your ultimate happiness, I am happy to help! I will intuitively connect with your higher self, spirit guides, and any loving, benevolent beings who’d like to participate in helping you and will give you intuitive feedback as to the most beneficial answers to you and anyone else that may be indirectly involved.  Remote readings can be done from anywhere.  If you’d like one-on-one time, you’ll need to book a “private consultation”.

Right now, order 4 one hour sessions and save $56.00! 
(Not included with any other offers)

These 60 minute readings can be broken down into 30 or 60 minute sessions as you see fit. You will receive my schedule to make your own appointment after you've placed this order. 

Also, I give you a free 10 minute reading every time a friend you referred orders at least one of these 60 minute remote readings if they mention you as their referral source when they order. To schedule your 10 minutes, just text me at the number I will call you from. 

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