Amy Satori

Intuitive Spiritual Counselor


Remote Readings ($77)

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Remote Readings ($77)

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In these sessions over the phone or internet, I can provide law of attraction and general life coaching, scan your energy field for any blockages, do a healing on an ailment, talk to your deceased loved ones, your pets, the higher self of someone you’re estranged from, tell you what your boss, co-workers, or anyone else thinks of you, clear your home space, cut chords with past partners, help you do better at your job or career, help you be a better spouse or lover, help you make a big decision, speak light language to assist you, and I can energetically work on your pet’s ailments and/or talk to your pet.

To watch me talk about the full range of services I ioffer, you can watch this video.

After you order, I send you a confirmation email with a link to my calendar then I call you at your appointed time. I will record our session unless you opt out.   If you are in the US, it will be over the phone and will be recorded for you unless you opt out. If you are outside the US, it will be over Zoom. I’ll send you a Zoom invite hyperlink 5-10 minutes beforehand (please make sure you’re signed up with Zoom beforehand). I only do Zoom sessions Mondays through Wednesdays. Thursday-Saturdays would be over the phone. If you are over 5 minutes late to join me on Zoom, your time will be given to someone else and you’ll have to reschedule. Also, I cannot guarantee your session will be recorded due to technical difficulties or miscommunications that can happen. I do my best.

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