Amy Satori

Intuitive Spiritual Counselor


515 S. 44th Street Boulder, CO  80305



A self-motivated leader with over ten years of experience in diversified sales/marketing/corporate/holistic/intuitive activities.  Special competence in areas of emotional intelligence, organization, technology, creative marketing, public relations, and leadership.  Responsible, multi-tasking, team player skilled in adapting and implementing plans for specific business as well as personal needs.  Great at building and sustaining trusting relationships.


Amy Satori LLC                                                                    Spiritual Teacher/Healer                                   10/2016-current
Boulder, CO

As an intuitive, I use my extraordinary gifts to help answer pressing questions people have about their lives.  I also help people uncover emotional issues that are getting in their way, and even help them communicate with their pets and departed loved ones and uncover emotional dynamics that are causing physical ailments.  

The Lighthouse Bookstore                                             Assistant Manager/Cashier                                 7/2016-current
Boulder, CO

The Home Depot                                                                 Paint Associate                                                       4/2016-12/2016
Boulder, CO

Juju To Go Smoothie & Juice Bar                                 Healing Practitioner                                             2/2015-12/2015
Granbury, TX

Sold retail products and made fresh organic juices while I built my businesses.  Was one of three healing practitioners (the other two being the owners) doing energy work. 

Readflexology                                                                       Healing Practitioner                                           10/2014- current
Granbury, TX

My “readflexology” treatments begin with relaxing reflexology to aid in proper functioning of your internal organs then transitions to an ancient form of qigong healing from head to toe removing emotional blockages to your happiness, health, wealth, peace, and overall well-being.  I also hold Law of Attraction and qigong classes at JuJu to Go every Tuesday and Thursday.  I have two locations I serve from: Juju To Go and The Resting Tree.

Futuristic Health                                                                  Healing Practitioner                                            8/2014-10/2014
Alamagordo, NM

Worked for an intuitive Naturopath who trained me in reflexology so I could do energy work and reflexology on her patients before she worked on them.  I also served as her personal assistant sending out emails, running errands, setting up appointments, talking with her clients about following her protocol, sending out press releases, and finding venues for her seminars and setting up classes. Would videotape her seminars, help her get set up, would give a supportive testimonial, and help her collect money and distribute product afterwards.  My energy work became very successful before I decided to move back to Texas.

Tender Pet                                                                             Pet Parenting Consultant                                10/2010-current
Bozeman, MT, North Bend, OR, and Granbury, TX

I am assisting families in correcting various behavioral issues with their dogs and cats by customizing a program that covers all members of their pet family in order to create a more harmonious household.  I also demonstrate how to use positive reinforcement to train their pets basic commands such as sit, down, come, look, leave it, stay, off, and showed them how to ensure the commands they taught would become more dependable in any situation (adding distance, duration, and distractions).  I also incorporate above healing work with animals.

Shed for Bread                                                                    Holistic Life Coach & Writer                           10/2010-current
Bozeman, MT & North Bend, OR

Had been writing a book, making videos, and blogging in an effort to help people get healthier mentally, emotionally, and physically through consciousness and high antioxidant nutrition. 

Bozeman Lodge Retirement & AL                                  Community Relations Director                      4/2010-10/2010
Bozeman, MT

Took a community from a 28% occupancy to 51% in six months.  Built strong relationships with local professionals in the community of Bozeman through networking, outreach and awareness, built relationships with family members and residents, events, tours, sales, lead management, collateral maintenance, website updates, events, trade shows, community outreach and awareness, ads, coordinating move-in’s,

Counterpoint                                                                          HST 1                                                                              2009- 2010
Livingston, MT

Providing caregiving to adults with disabilities, such as cooking meals, dressing, bathing, and community integration, while encouraging them to be as independent and self reliant as possible. 

The Ebert Apartments                                                        Assistant Apartment Manager                            2009
Livingston, MT

Assisted manager in collecting rent, helped move residents in and out, advertised, cleaned apartments, maintained a very particular order and cleanliness of the premises, and, after intensive training, ran the apartments while manager was away for a month on vacation. 

Arbor Village Retirement & Assisted Living           Community Relations Director                            2004-2008
Kent, WA

STATS: 91% of inquiries came to tour, 20% of inquiries moved in, 23% of tours put down deposits, held occupancy of 89 unit ALF at 97-100% for 34 months and achieved 100% occupancy of 30 unit ILF after six months of its opening.  Was solely responsible for all marketing efforts for three years.

Responsibilities included tours, sales, lead management, marketing, maintenance of website, newsletter, events, trade shows, brochures, community outreach and awareness, advertisements, press releases, coordinating move-in’s, and ensuring and promoting community’s overall harmony & happiness.

Gained front page exposure in the local paper for a program we put together that created a symbiotic relationship between us and a new recreational sports park opening up next door to us.

Spearheaded an effort to implement a new, more self-empowering, disaster preparedness program.

Implemented and managed a new lead tracking database system (You’ve Got Leads) and trained staff on it.

  • Helped Associate Director and Executive Director come up with more effective and time saving processes.
  • Assisted with training of Associate Director of ILF contributing ideas on setting up new processes (offered guidance with organization, efficiency, communication, and designed collateral).
  • Participated in the research, planning, and promotion of ILF.
  • Assisted with hiring/firing of employees as needed.
  • Contributed many morale boosting ideas (rewards and recognition, inspirational materials, and team building).
  • Followed through on resident and family member’s concerns to ensure our reputation.
  • Offered personal counseling/conflict resolution to disgruntled staff, residents and family members with discretion and in accordance with Executive Director’s objectives.

Lumicor                                                                           Sales and Marketing Coordinator                                 2004   
Renton, WA

Administered Assistance to Sales Department of an acrylic manufacturing company of 100 employees.  Updated website, brochures, and pamphlets, assisted with account management, and followed up on leads from trade shows. 

Cooperative Canine                                                  Pet Parenting Consultant/Sales & Marketing         2003-2009
Kent, WA

Catered to the needs of various clients in the South King County area as needed.  Gained valuable experience in business management, marketing, customer service, accounting, and sales.  Taught private and public pet parenting courses, sold retail products, created and designed my own website & brochures, motivated people and pets through positive reinforcement, and managed every aspect of my own business.

King’s Command Foods, Inc.                                   Sales & Marketing Assistant                                          1999-2002
Kent, WA

Assisted all Regional Sales Managers, President/Owner, Vice President of Foodservice Sales, Vice President of Retail Sales and Director of Marketing for meat manufacturing company of 150 employees.  Received award, balloons, gift certificate, and a day off paid for winning the “Assistant or Secretary of the year” community contest for Secretary’s Day 2000.  Designed and distributed table tents, flyers, spreadsheets, posters, promotional materials, business cards, coupons, newsletters, and other materials as needed for marketing campaigns, general sales & advertising, and food shows.  Improved on the efficiency of processes relating to business reviews, nutritional requests, general forms, and other reports to reduce time spent. Reduced an eight hour business review to only three hours.

Banta Information Services Group                     Exec. Asst. II and Reg. Sales Administrator             1998-1999
Kent, WA

Provided assistance to all Western Region Sales Reps (7 internal and 13 remote Sales Reps), Western Regional Sales Manager and Vice President/General Manager for a printing facility of over 100 employees of an International Corporation.  Coordinated and organized lunch meetings, visits and created quotations for customers such as The Bon Marche, Eddie Bauer, Nordstrom, and Microsoft.  Negotiated a contract with Office Depot that saved Banta 20-50% on office supplies.  Developed and updated an orientation program for our newly hired Sales Reps to ensure a positive transition into our company.

Skills & Knowledge                                                                                      

  • Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Pagemaker, Frontpage, Microsoft Money, Powerpoint, Microsoft Excel, Word, and Outlook as well as YGL (, a SL lead source tracking system.
  • Attended Pierce Community College and Ventura Community College in Southern CA from 1992 to 1993
  • Graduated from High School in Marysville, WA in 1991
  • Earned both level I and level II National Sales and Marketing Certifications from Senior Living University
  • Took ExSell Sales Training class sponsored by Washington Health Care Association
  • Took Magnolia Company’s “Client-Seller Alignment” 2-day class and follow up training
  • Earned certification as a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) member for disaster preparedness

Volunteer Work

  • Free classes at Hood County Library                                  Granbury, TX           2015-current
    "Pet Talk", "Healing & Coping Through the Holidays", "Qigong: A Moving Meditation", "How to Turn Life's Lemons into Lemonade", and "Happy Hour"
  • Juju To Go Smoothie & Juice Bar - Qigong Classes        Granbury, TX           2015
  •  SPAY Montana - Foster Home for kittens                         Livingston, MT        2009 - 2010
  • Stafford Animal Shelter - Volunteer Behaviorist            Livingston, MT        2009 - 2010
  • Spring Meadows Assisted Living - Volunteer                   Bozeman, MT          2009
  • Kent Rotary - Member (sponsored by the Mayor)         Kent, WA                   2007-2008
  • Communities in Schools - Mentoring children                Kent, WA                    2007-2008
  • Warrior Spirit - Emotional Support Services                   West Washington   2006-2008
  • Arbor Village - Pet Visits                                                          Kent, WA                     2004