Amy Satori

Intuitive Spiritual Counselor

About Amy Satori

Amy is naturally and passionately devoted to helping both people and animals with her sharp intuition, healing abilities,and sound advice. She telepathically communicates with loving spiritual beings of the unseen world for the purpose of expanding your consciousness. She works with these beings to detect thoughts, sounds, visions, colors, textures, shapes, feelings,and knowingness in your auric field that symbolize destructive patterns that you may or not be consciously aware of at this time, but that are getting in your way nonetheless. These impressions that surface are perceptions in your life that require your attention and alteration in order for you to break through to deeper levels of understanding and higher levels of satisfaction and enjoyment of your life. She acts as an interpreter between the spiritual and physical world, with the intention of encouraging and teaching you how to heal yourself in every way bringing you back to spiritual alignment.In expanding an individual's consciousness in this way, she is expanding the consciousness of the entire universe as we are all linked and all one. When one person comes closer to love, the whole world moves closer to love.


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Card Reading Video

Using a mix of tarot, oracles cards, and my intuition, I'll explore an issue for you to help you gain more clarity into a situation. This will be recorded on video so you can go back and watch it if you need a reminder of the guidance.

After placing your order, email me the subject (only one) you'd like information about and I'll do a card spread for you and intuit answers. I'll also add a light language blessing at the end to bless the situation.

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Light Language Blessing Video

I will do a light language blessing for you on video for you to be able to watch time and again. The light language is alive so every time you listen to it, you get something new from it. I encourage clients to keep a journal of the sensations or any impressions they receive while listening to see what happens to them over time.

After placing your order, email me what you'd like a blessing or healing on and I'll send you an video or audio blessing for you to watch and/or listen to as many times as you'd like to assist you with the issue(s) at hand.

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60 Minute Remote Reading

Whether you have a list of questions to ask about your life, want me to talk to your pet, work on a physical ailment, connect with a loved one who has passed, or just tell you what I see in your energy field in terms of blockages to your ultimate happiness, I am happy to help! I will intuitively connect with your higher self, spirit guides, and any loving, benevolent beings who’d like to participate in helping you and will give you intuitive feedback as to the most beneficial answers to you and anyone else that may be indirectly involved.  Remote readings can be done from anywhere as they are over the phone.



Light Language is the most ancient form of verbal communication and includes innumerable dialects. It is a channeled higher dimension frequency from your soul/higher self that adjusts to each person’s vibrational needs in the moment.  It goes straight to your DNA, bypassing mental limitations, entering straight into the heart where it is assimilated and integrated. There is such powerful divine healing energy in these transmissions some people who were very sick have dreamt of me speaking light language to them and woken up feeling dramatically better even after being told there was nothing more that could be done for them.

Light language can be used for clearing blockages, emotional/mental/physical healing, protection, activating the pineal gland, enhancing intuition, balancing, speeding of evolution, initiating ascension, and any intention you set forth for the betterment of the receiver.  People most commonly report to me feeling peace, tingles, and on up to an actual kundalini awakening. Although you may not understand what's being said, there is a recognition and deep knowingness of the loving support within it and it will affect you according to your level of receptivity as it cannot interfere with free will. Listening to light language may also cause you to remember your own light language.

Specifically, I channel a group of loving benevolent galactic beings represented by a female called Celeste whose intention is to help humanity find balance between masculine and feminine energies. They are empowering the divine feminine to step into her power at this time in our history as it is needed for our ascension which is exponentially unfolding beautifully as we embrace and heal our heart spaces. These videos are short and sweet for precise and optimal impact.


"Amy has an incredible gift of intuition.  Her warmth and compassion comes through as she so accurately gives guidance from the heart. She is so dead on the mark!  Amazing, powerful, life changing things are happening in my life since we met.  I strongly recommend her." ~ Kate in Colorado

"I'm a believer in spiritual healing and I believe we have guides and teachers leading us on our true path in life if we're open to them.  Amy Satori brought in my guides and I was blown away by the clarity and insight she provided.  I had her bring in my mother, father, step mom, brother and ex lover (all still living).  It was like she knew every one of them and gave me great perspective on how I could navigate each of the relationships based on what my guides were telling her.  If you're looking for a bit of healing and some help from your guides I would 100% recommend Amy.  She's great heart medicine."  ~ Joe in Colorado

"If I could move to Colorado, I would! Truly though, be it 5 miles, 25 miles, or 1000 miles or more, I know I can depend on Amy for guided assistance. With both parents in simultaneous dire medical crises (stroke and cancer), and both in Intensive Care Units of different hospitals, I reached out to Amy for long distance Qigong readings and healing. With uncanny accuracy, Amy could detect the issues and describe the blockages and needs. I could communicate to the doctors and nurses to better support my parents’ needs. In a time of great distress, Amy clearly articulated the situations and issues that needed to be addressed. The qigong healing and blessings have been an integral part of my life. Amy’s qigong reading of me was also extremely precise as well. I consider Amy a friend, an ally, and proponent. Amy is a most trusted confidant and I have the utmost confidence in her abilities from near or afar. Amy has directed me with exercises and blessings which have positive undeniable results. ~ Jeannie in Georgia

“Doing a session with Amy was life changing for me. Amy has the gift of knowing and sharing with you in a kind and gentle way what is holding you back form being all that you can be. I also got to feel how holding certain emotions and negative thought patterns in my body affects my health and well being.  She will point these out along with helpful ways to shift and change the negative so that the old dissolves easily and effortlessly and you feel so free.  I highly recommend a reading with Amy… you will love it!!!!” ~ Cathy in Texas

1 Card ReadingVideo for 1 topic,
1 Custom Light Language blessing for you
on health, wealth, love, or all the above,
and 1 60-minute Remote Reading!
(a $178 value!)