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Intuitive Spiritual Counselor

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When you subscribe to my newsletter at this time, you are sent a promo code for 10% off your first 60 minute remote reading, booked through this website. After you subscribe and get your promo code sent to you in email, you enter that promo code in when you book on my services page above.

Where Do I Work?

Through my own business, I do remote readings over the phone all over the world every day but Sunday (my day off). I also do in-person readings at a mutually agreed upon public meeting place here in Boulder (usually a cafe). I also do clearings, in-person consultations, and groups/parties in your home.

Through the Lighthouse Bookstore, I show up every Thursday through Saturday on Pearl Street in Boulder contracting as their "Psychic Reader". At the Lighthouse, I take walk-in's, but you can make an appointment although this is done separate from my business above. These readings are in person in a designated area within the bookstore itself and are in 20-30 minute increments. When you come to The Lighthouse, you pay at the counter when you are finished, but may leave a tip with me if you'd like after your session. To set up a time to come to the Lighthouse, call (303) 939-8355 and ask to schedule a time with Amy.

What's Your Process for Ordering a Reading?

For a remote or in-person reading through my business, you can order HERE. Once you place your order and pay, you receive an email with a link to my calendar so you can schedule your own appointment and I receive notification of your appointment. If a time or block of time is unavailable in my calendar, it means someone has already reserved that time or I have the time designated for something else. Once you've decided on a time and day that's best, at the appointed time, I will call you. If there is a conflict in scheduling, I will let you know asap beforehand.

For a reading at the Lighthouse, please text me at 817-219-8831 and let me know how much time you'd like in 20-30 minute increments (you can request 20, 40, or 60 minutes, etc.) and what time you'd like (1:00, 1:20, 1:40, etc.). Feel free to text me to block some time for you before you get there to ensure I'll be able to see you and please arrive a couple minutes early with an empty bladder as our bathrooms are not for public use. And, yes, you can have a standing appointment each week, bi-weekly, or monthly if you'd like. Just let me know.

What Should I Expect in a Remote Reading?

If you've never had a remote reading, HERE is what to expect. You can share this video with a friend you're encouraging to come see me, as well, so they can get an idea of what I do.

Do I Need a Picture or Anything?

No. If this is for animal communication, you pet does not have to be there nor do you need a picture. Your pet will automatically pop up around you wanting to connect sometimes even before you get the words out to inquire.The same applies to people.

Can I Record these Sessions?

Yes, but please let me know because I will usually state a disclaimer in case you share it with anyone who doesn't understand these services are "for entertainment purposes only". Otherwise, I just recommend having a pad of paper and pen/pencil ready because I will most likely give you advice you'll want to follow (your "homework").

What if I order 60 Minutes, but Don't Need it All?

You receive credit for however much time you don't end up needing. So, if you order the 60 minutes and we talk for 40 minutes, I will make note of me owing you 20 minutes. At some point in the future, you let me know you'd like to use the remaining 20 minutes for some quick advice and, just like when there's a referral, I mark that credit off as being paid.

I hope this clarifies. I respond quickest to text messages, just FYI. Thank you so much for your patronage, your love, and for referring your friends and family to me. This is such fulfilling work for me and I appreciate being able to serve you in this way. Have a beautiful month of transformation during these intense eclipse energies and ride the waves with optimism because you're being brought to a better life at this time! 

Frequently Asked Questions People Ask

Do I have love coming into my life? If so, how will I find it? When? How can I be a better employee? What does my boss think of me? How are my husband/wife and I doing? Is there anything I can do to better our relationship? How is my mom doing? How is my deceased friend/relative doing? What is my life purpose? How do I know which decision to make? What is the emotional cause of my ailment? Which of my employees can I trust and which ones are causing trouble? How can I help my teenager through this time? Should I stay or should I go? How can I tap into my own abilities? How can I heal emotionally?


If your story inspires, I may share your story on social media, but would leave out any identifying factors such as exact dates and names to protect your privacy.  Otherwise, mum's the word.  I work with some celebrities (and those close to them) and keep their information to myself just as with anyone else.


I encourage testimonials. Please send me an email with your experience should you feel like sharing. I love hearing follow up stories and it also inspires those I share it with on my website or social media. Thank you!


When you order from me, you have to agree to my disclaimer, but, if you skipped over it at some point and would like to take another look, here it is in its entirety.

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