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Confessions of a Healer

I used to lay in bed at night and cry myself to sleep. My husband at the time would console me as best he could then I would wake up at 3:00 in the morning and start sobbing all over again. I had been married to a prior husband in a household full of amazing animals. When we divorced, I had to abandon most of them. We were all very close knit and this tore me apart. We had three german shepherds, a maltese, and five cats and each of them was my best friend. It was almost impossible to choose which two to bring to an apartment.

Then, when I finally chose, I still had to keep picking one of my shepherds up each week to take to the chiropractor because she had a degenerative disease in her back and was getting to the point she couldn't go the bathroom anymore. As her condition did not seem to be improving, I had to take her to vet visits to have her evacuated (this was this vet's first practice and we were his first clients when Loba was just a pup so she grew up with this vet). He (and his lovely wife we'd also grown close to) and I (alone) eventually had to have her put down at the tender year of two while she laid across my lap and peed all over me still so full of life (she loved frisbees and balls so much she was still taking off after one to her last day).

Soon after, one of the cats I had chosen to live in my apartment with me had been sneezing a lot and started to drool. I brought him to the vet to find out what was going on. I found out he was going through kidney failure and was going to die (Loba had just died two weeks prior). He was dying because some guy bought me my favorite flowers (Stargazer lillies) to impress me even though I had quickly brought them to the bathroom so the cats wouldn't get into them and I could do some research on the internet to see if they were safe. I remembered one petal dropped on the floor between the front door and the bathroom and he had licked the petal (when I discovered they were poisonous, I was actually relieved because he had only licked it). I never cried so hard as I did holding sweet little Leo's lifeless body in my arms all because some stupid guy gave me flowers. He was such an angel and so young.

In the meantime, our little maltese, who literally looked up to me endearingly every waking moment, but who I was unsuccessful at potty training despite my best efforts as a positive reinforcement trainer, got placed in a new home. And one of my german shepherds we adopted I promised would never have to go to another home again as long as he lived because he'd been tossed around like a toy from home to home for many years, went to a new home because my ex husband said he was dying of a broken heart and he couldn't stand watching it. He was with his new owners a short time, started having seizures, and died. One cat went missing as well. It was such a horrible time. And so many different aspects of this could have paralyzed me. By the way, later, my ex admitted he'd bought me an animal every time he was afraid I'd leave him so I'd stay. So, ALL OF THIS - MY FAULT.

I could have decided I'd never own another animal. I could have been angry and vengeful toward this guy who gave me flowers that killed my cat. I could have hated my ex husband for not helping me help Loba get better. Although this entire circumstance ripped my heart apart, I knew I wasn't honoring them, couldn't bring them back, and wasn't doing any good to anyone or myself by sulking. So I, instead, strived to move on and forgive myself and everyone else involved. In this way, I felt I honored them by using them to make me a more loving person, was good to me by teaching myself that I love myself unconditionally, and was good to others by letting this experience shape me into a more compassionate person and caused me to become a foster mom for kittens years later.

I also had an affair with a married man (I was single). In fact, he was my boss. I had resisted it strongly, taking the moral high ground, at first (I'd never cheated on anyone in my life). But he was unrelenting in his efforts and I feared losing my favorite job I'd ever had making the most money I'd ever made. We had also become quite emotionally close. It was inevitable. And we were caught up in this "faux" relationship for three years! It was so hard to be in and so hard to leave at the same time. I would date other guys to try to move on, but he would make grand, romantic gestures to win me back again over and over and rip my heart open time and again. To add to it, I had started to fall in love with his amazing, beautiful children as well. Although, we were making plans to get an apartment together, he ultimately refused to leave because of them.I was STUCK. I finally had to move out of state and get "stabbed in the back" by him to finally move on.

And these are just two examples of so many things I could regret. I could make a huge list. Ultimate freedom, however, is to lovingly embrace and appreciate all of these things that used to torture us. Then we feel true transformative power and honor our pasts. If you are struggling to forgive yourself for something, I highly recommend this video. You will see the truth.

Please feel free to leave a comment below with any questions or feedback. Namaste.






My Journey To Positivity

You may not believe this, but I was flat out pessimistic in my early 20's.  I hated the world and thought everyone around me was to blame for my upset.  I wanted everyone around me to just change already (then my life would work)! I always knew the perfect thing they could do to make my life SO much easier.  I thought people who were positive were just "Mary Poppins in the clouds" and that, as soon as they had their bubble popped, they'd be right down here with me so why not just be here when they pop to reassure them this is where reality is with a "See? I told you so. If you just stay down here in reality, you'll never be disappointed". I felt like a total victim of life and thought life must hate me.  I loved horses, but they'd only make me happy as long as I was with them.  The minute I'd have to deal with people again, on the downward spiral I went.  I'd often lock myself in my room watching movie marathons to block out the cold cruel world while my mom would lovingly bring me graham crackers and milk, chocolate chip mint ice cream or even pet my hair and hum to me telling me how precious I was (she was amazing in moments like these, but even that didn't make me happy "out there").  I believed in a God, but thought he must not think very highly of me to put me through all the crap I'd been through. Then I went through a transformational experience in a church that introduced me to the possibility of being happy through God.  But somehow striving to be perfect all the time and shunning my sin didn't make me happy either. It made me happy-er to think I was on the "same side as the creator" who was going to keep me safe from damnation if I did my best and I liked hanging out with like minded people who were trying to work on themselves for the most part as well. The camaraderie was great!

But it wasn't till a very loving friend of mine gently kept pointing my focus back to ME that I started to:

1) rebel at her doing that 'cause it would piss me off she kept saying I was the liar when I felt I'd been betrayed by a liar
2) ponder, but not "get" it because my ego wasn't going to go without putting up a HUGE fight then eventually, yes,
3) make breakthroughs that felt like the most authentic loving freedom I had ever felt. I finally felt happy and liberated! 

I realized I was the one responsible for my perspective of everything I experienced and, therefore, was the one in full control of my own happiness.  This made it scary, but freeing also - depending on whether I believed I could be free or positive enough to remain in a good place.  I knew I was fully capable of going either way on the spectrum, but at least I knew I could do something about it if I chose to.  I then had an awakening experience for six months that showed me what we are truly capable of as these spirits in human bodies.  The intensity of it didn't last more than six months, but that's because I had more to learn before fully resting in that place. 

For years following, I was comparing the awakening experience to my even more miserable existence than before, in comparison, and I was brought to another realization.  Happiness is a choice.  Yes, but how do you choose to be happy when you feel miserable or sad or full of regret?  This next part was key.  I had to embrace my shadow side.  I had to learn to be ok or even good with when I was miserable as well as when I was happy!  It was only my judgement of myself that I shouldn't feel that way that really made me depressed.  When I learned to embrace all of it... the good and the bad... as all just part of the earthly experience, I was able to begin to love myself and be easier on myself.  I immersed myself in things that made me feel happy, inspired, and uplifted as much as I could. Then I'd fall and get depressed feeling like the other stuff was fake and really didn't work. Then I'd watch something and be up again.

It was a clumsy coming to balance, but eventually I decided to put all my belief behind the most positive thoughts I could till I had built up the muscle so strong that it over-road my prior thinking altogether and my undertone in life became "I am so completely loved and supported in all ways and always.  Everything always works out so incredibly for me."  No matter what happens in my life now, "bad" or "good" only reinforces this because you can't just take a picture of a moment in time and make a blanket statement that your life is bad. You have to take in the whole picture and see the way life is supporting you especially in the seeming struggles (see my exercise "Thank you, God, for my misery").  You are always being led to your highest desires every minute of every day if you can just do your best to align with joy and faith as often as possible and love yourself through the rough parts (which I DO still have). Everything is ALWAYS there to help you wake up and to support your journey - without fail.  You just have to retrain your brain to see it, feel it, and know it to your core.  Feel free to check out my resources page for further exploration.  Some people say "Positivity is great, but sometimes you need the truth" don't realize the truth IS positivity. The rest is misalignment with your truth. In fact, that's how you can tell the truth from the false.  If it feels good, it's truth.  If it feels bad, it's a lie.  If you can turn your bad into good, you've mastered the concept.  Nothing bad can ever happen to you if you keep the big picture in mind that everything is for your ultimate evolution. You may have your bubble burst or be disappointed in this moment (which you embrace), but you always know the universe has your back in the long run which gives you the ultimate freedom... positivity.

"When gratitude meets gratitude, a moment of unity occurs.  When anger denies its own evolution by lashing out at gratitude, victimhood unfolds.  When anger fights against anger, conflict arises. And when the light being attacked by the darkness of judgment knows that the darkness is only attacking to deny its own evolution, liberation has been found.  What this means is that we don't need internal turmoil or interpersonal conflict when we're willing to say, 'I get that every moment of my life is a spiritual initiation and, no matter what I think about spirituality, if I can just surrender to the way I define a higher power, that every moment of my life is coming to be because a higher power is guiding me through a journey to go from who I was to my best possible expression (and the in-between doesn't have to be comfortable, convenient, or to my liking) but it is happening for a very big reason even if I don't happen to know what that reason is'... when we can say 'I surrender and will participate and go with this and whatever is taken from me could only be a distraction and everything's happening for my highest evolution, whether it feels good or not', then you have decided to move into the most direct means of evolution. You are saying to life 'I don't need conflict, adversity, or turmoil in order to wake up.  When you make that decision, not only do you start to awaken everyone else around you, and fast track them on their evolution, but you start to become a being that can evolve and grow in this world without having to be attacked and victimized by other peoples' unprocessed pain." ~ Matt Kahn,
Please feel free to leave a comment below with any questions or feedback. Namaste.

These are some guided meditations I recommend:

The Ultimate Guided Meditation above with Bentinho Massaro and Peter James on guitar
Freedom Guided Meditation with Bentinho Massaro and Peter James on guitar


SMOKY QUARTZ = Place a smoky quartz on your desk or in your work space to protect yourself against the stress and frustration of your coworkers or clients.
ROSE QUARTZ =  Keep a rose quartz or amethyst with you. When work is stressful, hold it in your hand or rub it with your fingers. Place a rose quartz on a table or shelf in a frequently used room, such as a living room, family room, or den, to fill your home with love and harmony. Use a rose quartz for emotional healing.
BLACK OR DARK STONES = To disperse negative energy, use a black or dark stone, such as onyx, obsidian, tourmaline, jet, apache tear, smoky quartz, or hematite. These stones, when placed about a room, home, or other area, work as environmental cleansers that purify the area and protect it from negative energies.
MOONSTONE, CHRYSACOLLA, AVENTURINE, ROSE QUARTZ, AND BLUE LACE AGATE = These are all stones that help to balance emotions. You can wear them in jewelry, keep them on your person, or take a bath with them.
AQUAMARINE, AVENTURINE, MOONSTONE, RHODONITE, AND ROSE QUARTZ = These are calming stones. Lie down and place one over your heart, or bathe with them, or massage yourself with them.
AVENTURINE, BLACK TOURMALINE, BLACK ONYX, LAPIS, SODALITE, CHRYSOCOLLA, ROSE QUARTZ, CITRINE, SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN = To relieve stress, worry, fear, and anxiety. Use one as a "worry stone". A worry stone is a stone that you keep with you, and whenever you feel worried, stressed, or anxious, you take it out and rub it with your fingers. You can also wear it in jewelry, bathe with it, or massage with it.
AMBER, SMOKEY QUARTZ, OR CITRINE = For depression in any of the aforementioned ways.
GARNET, AMETHYST, SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN, OR SODALITE = To help control anger. Take it out, hold it, and rub it whenever you feel the need.

How to Boost Your Faith

Faith means complete trust or confidence in someone or something or strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual understanding rather than proof.  In my line of work, it’s absolutely essential to have faith.  I feel I live more in my imagination than I do in the world of form (what we can physically see and touch).  I have learned through the years that faith alone makes all the difference in your ability to be happy and healthy in all areas of your life because we learn to live by divine guidance alone (which is always for our best possible good – so much more so than our meager egos will attempt to provide).  If you have doubt in any area that things aren’t going well or good enough, you cause dis-ease emotionally first then physically.  So, I wanted to give some ideas on how you can boost your faith in the unseen world and become a power house!


  1. Keep a list of your prayer requests in your iphone in your notes (or wherever you choose that’s convenient 24-7).  List the request then write down the time, date, and way the request was fulfilled.  There will be prayers that weren’t answered because you can’t go against other peoples free will, some prayers aren’t meant to be answered for your own good, and some get answered in strange ways that don’t look like what you were asking for but go you to the end result nontheless.  Keeping this list will help boost your faith.
  2. Keep a journal of random surprises, miracles, and synchronicities.  For the same reason, this will help you follow your divine guidance more clearly.  You can even start to follow the synchronistic signs like you’re figuring out a mystery.  Add your intuition to it and your life becomes magical.  Instead of being steered by logic, you’ll stop and ask your higher self, “Should I?” or have epiphanies, “Oh!  This is why I’ve been getting messages of changes to come.  I know just what I need to do ’cause this other card (tarot or oracle cards are great) I’ve been pulling says to take action without delay.”
  3. Practice with energy and psychic work.  Learn about energy and intuitive work and practice on others.  There are tons of videos on Youtube.  I highly recommend Teal Swan’s videos.  She’s fantastic.  Ask friends and relatives to let you practice “guessing” things about their lives.  Practice answering yes or no intuitively instead of from logic.  Practice all the time.  At first you’ll get things wrong, but eventually you navigate and sense your way through to trusting the visions, feelings, urges, and answers that come to you. If you want, write those down to!  If it’s profound enough, get a testimonial from them.  Gathering testimonials helps boost your faith a lot.
  4. Read my articleIts All Just Energy” and do the “Thank you, God, for my Misery” exercise!  After doing this exercise a few times and going back to it whenever you need it will boost your faith considerably in how supported and loved you are in everything that’s going on around you.  Believe it or not, it’s all perfect!  And it’s all bringing you to your highest and best life if you’ll just see it as so.

These will give you some ways to get started.  If you have any other ideas, please list them in the comments below.  We all have wonderful wisdom to share.  I’m here to support you if needed as well. Please feel free to leave a comment below with any questions or feedback. Namaste.


TOPAZ = an excellent crystal for boosting faith and invigorating one’s spiritual development. It cuts through uncertainty and doubt and instigates a sound trust in the universe. Topaz carries a marvelous energy for tapping into higher realms of awareness in order to channel Divine wisdom and knowledge, and for connecting with one’s spirit guides, angels, loved ones and Ascended Masters. It is ideal for recognizing the signs and symbols one is sent to help with daily life
LAPIS LAZULI = a powerful crystal of deep truth and understanding. CounteractS the wiles of the spirits of darkness and procure the aid and favor of the spirits of light and wisdom. It is a powerful crystal for activating the higher mind and enhancing intellectual ability. It stimulates the desire for knowledge, truth and understanding, and aids the process of learning. A stone of truth, Lapis encourages honesty of the spirit, and in the spoken and written word. It provides an awareness of one's motivations and beliefs, and gives a clearer perspective of one's whole life. It reveals not only one's limitations, but the opportunities for growth and to utilize one's gifts and abilities.
BLUE APATITE = Clears away confusion, apathy or negativity, then, stimulates the intellect to expand knowledge and truth, which may be used for personal growth or for the collective good. It is a Stone of Manifestation, promoting a humanitarian outlook and service to others. Blue Apatite is a deeply spiritual stone with a cleansing influence on the aura, especially in the mental body. It has an uplifting energy that raises spirits, encouraging a positive outlook and a hopeful attitude. Blue Apatite expands the awareness of past-life experiences and may enhance the understanding of any karmic influences on one's current reality.
EMERALD = These gemstones in the bible represent purest faith, the glories of God and His saints, a flourishing life which grows in integrity, new life, and an increased prosperity. It is open to every good, which knows never to give up. It is the work of Godliness. Those who posses an emerald will be aided in staying steadfast in purpose and faith.
LABRADORITE = enhances perseverance and strength and assists in spiritual healing and staying spiritually strong in the face of adversity.  Lifts one's mood, reducing insecurities and fears while encouraging self-empowerment and independence. Faith and trust in oneself as well as the universe are enhanced with the use of labradorite.
IMPERIAL GOLDEN TOPAZ = Embraces the nobility of spirit, status, personal will and ability to manifest one’s desires.  Increases the ability to direct one’s own energy or Universal energy into form. It is a stone of creativity and intention, generating abundance within the context of what is appropriate for one’s highest path. Used respectfully, it is an excellent crystal for conscious attunement to the highest forces in the universe. Like a battery, it can recharge one spiritually and physically, boosting faith and optimism, and increasing one’s confidence, self-worth and pride in one’s abilities without inflating the ego. This stone is beneficial to those seeking fame or overcoming limitations in order to implement great plans as it increases one’s charisma and attracts helpful people, while inspiring one to remain generous and open-hearted. It is an excellent crystal for meditation and connecting to the Divine, Ascended Masters, and Archangels.

Why You Must Love Yourself

Think you love yourself?  Think again.  I used to get so frustrated when someone would talk to me about loving myself. I would say, “I DO love myself!”… I’d enjoy myself, I’d go on dates, I’d have fun, I’d do all my favorite things, buy my favorite things, I’d laugh. I’d wonder what more I could do?

Here are some indicators I learned that showed me I may not be as close to loving myself as I thought (and why):

If You Judge Others
If you are judging others, it means you are actually judging yourself for judging them. And that’s because you know, if you were that way (a liar, a cheater, etc.), you wouldn’t believe you are worthy of love (by God or anyone else) so how do these people get off?  The truth is we are loved no matter what by God and the entire universe as we stumble around and discover who we truly are.  They’re setting the example!  But what we tend to do is think we need to be perfect and we squelch those characteristics in ourselves or hide them from others as best we can.   Judging someone for the same behavior we run away from in ourselves only perpetuates that behavior and keeps it in our lives in a way that makes it manifest in very weird ways we can’t control… blurting out things inappropriately, losing our temper out of nowhere, crying for no reason, etc. So what can you do?  When you find yourself judging someone, talk to yourself (in your mind) and assure YOU that you love yourself despite you judging that other person. Then, if you want to make real progress, you also look at that person and respect the power of what they’re saying (not the behavior, but the power of it… how it makes you react, grips your heart, makes you want to run, etc.). When you stop and face it in this way, it’s like you dissipate the behavior itself and absorb the power back into yourself instead of giving your own power away to them by allowing them to cause you to react or act out against them (or have a bad day following). Life is all about presenting you with these opportunities for self healing. You’ll keep experiencing these things you judge till you finally love yourself enough to inadvertently love them too (in that order).  Try this exercise and see for yourself.  It works!

If you have something happen and end up talking about it with everyone you know for awhile
This means you’re lacking confidence in your own decision making and are looking for validation from others.  It also means you’re still addicted to drama.  When you love yourself, you learn to drop the drama and get back to what’s important in life… being your true authentic self… the beingness… the aliveness in your body in this moment not worrying about the future or dwelling on the past.  Letting go of the future and past and remaining here in the stillness of your true self is the most powerful way to show the universe (and your higher self) that you trust it completely, have faith in your spirit guides and angels bringing out the best possible outcome, and you allow the real magic and power to happen in your life.  You learn to go within for your answers and accept any consequences that result having the best possible attitude (self talk) about those consequences as always being a gift (see also my article “It’s All Just Energy“). Of course, if you do need to ask for advice on things periodically, just have the attitude that you’re still in the process of building confidence and will just need some “spotting” from time to time… that you’re just fine being just how you are right now!  This will help cultivate your intuition (our direct guidance from God and his angels once we quiet our minds enough to receive).  Ask yourself what you get intuitively about a subject THEN ask what someone else gets (then also see what ultimately happens).  You can develop confidence in your guidance this way (by checking in yourself first).

If someone compliments you and you get embarrassed, minimize it, or wonder what their motive is
If someone compliments you, take it!  If they insult you, don’t take it.  Why?  Because you decide what you believe and how you take it.  Don’t listen to criticism unless you can do so in a purely objective way.  If you have a strong love for yourself, you take compliments well and don’t get off kilter if someone doesn’t like something about you… or all of you.  In fact, if your self talk in your mind is so loving and accepting you’re your own best friend, you’ll wonder what’s wrong with anyone who disapproves… and get away from them.  It’d be like looking at a toxic spill pondering whether you’d like to go play in it.  No!  Get the heck away from toxicity of any form! You don’t have time for that.  Just move on to better, more uplifting friends and environments!

If you go on a date with a cute guy, he (sincerely) acts nuts about you, and you wonder what’s wrong with him
This is why it’s so important we love ourselves before we find the right guy.  You don’t want to end up pushing him away every time he compliments you, is faithful to you, shows you public displays of affection, looks you in the eyes and tells you how madly in love he is.  If you don’t think a man could pour it on thick and you’d be able to handle it, you’ve got to cultivate more love for yourself until the voice in your head sounds just like his!  Assure yourself of how beautiful, talented, unique, special, and amazing you are every second, every minute all day long.  We really don’t encourage this in our society, but it’s crucial.  And, no, it’s not conceited or selfish.  In fact, the more we truly (and sincerely) love ourselves, the more loving we are to others. That’s the truth.

If you can’t look in the mirror, look yourself in the eyes, and say “I love you”
Obviously, if you can’t do this, you haven’t reached this level of intimacy with yourself and it’ll be hard to do the same with someone else.  Sometimes we think, if we just love this other person enough, it’ll make up for the lack of love I have for myself, but it doesn’t work that way.  You’ll end up in a dysfunctional mess of projection and more self defeating behavior trying to gain someone else’s love when it’s really your love you’re actually striving for without realizing.  Practice saying I love you to yourself (and meaning it) as often as you can.  Make funny faces at yourself, smile lovingly, wink, whatever, but let it be loving and unconditionally accepting.  If someone was just critical of you, run to a mirror and tell yourself what YOU think of what they said (“You’re so sweet… I don’t care what anyone says… you’re aces in my book.  You’ve got such a big heart so don’t be fooled by their projections.  I’ll cut you slack even if they won’t. You can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned. I love you no matter what. You can try to be awful, but I’ll just see through it and tell you the truth.”)

If you’re staying in an obviously unhealthy relationship, you wouldn’t advise your best friend to stay in if your rolls were reversed, because you want it to get better fixating on the parts that are great
This is a very common one and that’s ok.  If you’re in this position right now, that’s ok.  It’s all ok.  You’re there for a reason, though, and that’s what you’re after… that’s the gem.  Life isn’t about whether or not your marriage will last, whether your kids make it to college, or whether you are going to ‘make it’ in the world. If you’re so enthralled in your relationship that you will accept ill treatment, you just don’t love yourself enough and you’re focusing on meaningless pursuits (worldly gain).  This is a good indicator that you need to get back to who/what you truly are, get back in the moment, and trust the guidance given you from the “Kingdom of God within” (the stillness in you).  Learn to trust that.  It is your greatest protection.  If you’re struggling with whether to stay or not, and there’s verbal or physical anguish, you’re there to learn a lesson and move on.  When you do so, you will be loving yourself and opening yourself up to someone else in the future who actually love themselves, too, so you can have a healthy relationship that thrives and nourishes you in meaningful ways.

If someone offers you a raise and you insist someone else is better for the job or wonder why they chose you
If someone deems you worthy of a raise, there’s a reason.  And, if you can’t see that reason, trust them and search to find it.  Start making a list of why you are valuable in all areas of your life.  What are you naturally talented at?  Where do you feel you exhibit loving tendencies?  How do you take care of yourself on a daily basis?  What obstacles have you overcome?  Keep a notepad on you and keep a running list browsing through this list from time to time during breaks throughout your day.  Keep a running commentary of how lovely you are as you go about your day.  Notice when you do something sweet, funny, charming, or kind.  Give yourself encouragement like you would a friend.

Please feel free to leave a comment below with any questions or feedback. Namaste.


ROSE QUARTZ = inner peace, love for one's self, sensitivity, compassion, puts you in a state of mind that allows you to receive love. If you are suffering from lost or unrequited love it will help to comfort you; if you have been betrayed in love it will help bring back faith and trust, as well as a sense of self-worth and self-esteem; if you have simply never been in love, it will open up all the possibilities of falling in love.
rose quartz + chrysocolla is used to calm a volatile or rocky relationship.
rose quartz + watermelon tourmaline is used for overcoming nerves or fear related to love.
rose quartz with chrysoprase is believed to be useful in overcoming jealousy.

MOONSTONE = cultivates passion, romance, sexual energy
moonstone + rhodonite = help bury old feelings and memories of past affairs

KUNZITE = romance and marriage. reduce stress and depression. It is often used by those suffering from a wounded heart

LAPIZ LAZULI = overcome shyness and timidity, bringing inner harmony and increasing your spiritual levels, whilst helping to win over the affection of others. It is also thought to enhance fidelity within marriage.
RHODONITE = is a stone of self love. Also known as a "rescue stone", rhondonite is believed to ease away love scars and bring on forgiveness in others.
SAPPHIRE = is the stone often used as a pledge of love, and sometimes known as the gem of new love. Encourages trust and commitment and is often used when loved ones are apart for long periods of time, gifted as a sign of commitment. Sapphire helps to create mental clarity, and also assists in finding new love, helping to build that initial bond and harmony.
JADE = can attract and enhance love of all kinds. It is also a stone of fidelity and generosity. It is also considered to be good for the physical heart and for emotional balance and stability.
AZURITE, CHRYSOCOLLA, AQUAMARINE, RUBY, MOONSTONE, OR ROSE QUARTZ = increase your self-confidence and feelings of self-worth
HEMATITE OR ROSE QUARTZ = To Raise your self-esteem
MOONSTONE, ROSE QUARTZ, OR PINK KUNZITE = To improve your self-image

What If I Don't Want To?!?

Bentinho Massaro talks about not doing things that you don’t feel great about.  However, another way to say that is to only do the things you love to do.  So, if you don’t love to do something you feel you HAVE to do, simply find a way to love it!  It feels a bit like working in reverse, but you can by get excited about those things you don’t want to do by looking at them from a different perspective.

For example, I couldn’t stand cooking awhile ago, but have a passion for healthy cooking now. I’ve enjoyed being married to men who were great cooks and I just never had the knack or desire.  After my recent divorce, however, I found that I derived the slightest enjoyment from being his sous chef.  I knew the spices he used and had watched him a million times.  For the most part, it was very simple, but he would even venture out to try gourmet meals saying that it was easy… you just follow the instructions.  SO, I decided to ask friends and roommates what they make and how.  Then I’d try it myself.  To my surprise, it became fun!  It was like meditation.  And it is even more fun with your favorite music in the background.  Once I started getting compliments, it was very reinforcing.  Today, I very much enjoy it and am a great cook!

I think you can take anything you’re not good at or don’t like and become great at it, feel a sense of accomplishment, then start to feel super awesome about it.  Either way you choose (don’t do it or learn to love it), it gets the job done.  If you don’t like doing bookkeeping for your business, you could either hire or trade out for someone to do it for you or you can take a class, study up, and become a pro… make it easy and fun for yourself!

I try to make everything I do “high vibe”.  When I watch movies, I stay in a state of presence observing myself and feeling radiant. In this way, nothing I do feels dull or icky unless I choose that feeling state.  Try it and have fun in all that you do! Please feel free to leave a comment below with any questions or feedback. Namaste.


Green Adventurine = Releases old patterns, habits and disappointments so new growth can take place. It brings optimism and a zest for life, allowing one to move forward with confidence and to embrace change. It enhances one’s creativity and motivation, and encourages perseverance in maneuvering life’s obstacles. It also reinforces one’s decisiveness and amplifies leadership qualities, injecting a sense of humor and openness to the ideas of others.
Chrysocolla = The green color of Chrysocolla relates to the Heart Chakra and perfectly symbolizes how this crystal can support you during difficult times. This stone boosts your confidence and gives you the courage to deal with whatever situation you are facing. It is excellent for your heart, helping you release stress and tension while bringing joy into your life.

Garnet = A fantastic stone for the Base (or Root) Chakra. It enhances confidence and survival instincts, allowing you to navigate tricky situations more easily. It is less well known for, but equally effective at, subtly bringing out love for life.

Jet = Commonly known as a grounding and protective crystal, Jet is also powerfully cleansing.  It slowly removes negative energies from your body, essentially reducing the hold that emotions such as fear and sadness can have over you. Combined with its ability to balance your yin and yang energies, Jet leaves you as steady and stable as possible for whatever may come.

Labradorite = radiates a magical quality, and is excellent for alchemical purposes.  By simultaneously enhancing your intuition and mental clarity, it allows you to envision multiple possibilities and find a path to the outcome of your choice.

Malachite = If you are ever emotionally exhausted, Malachite might be the perfect crystal to use. It balances your emotions, reducing negativity such as stress and tension while increasing positivity in the forms of hope and happiness.  With the final touches of boosting endurance and cleansing the aura, Malachite leaves you in a much better position than that which you started from.

Moonstone = When your emotions are too strong to think clearly and seem to take over your life Moonstone is the crystal you need. Unlike Malachite which supports emotional health in general, Moonstone is specifically geared towards helping you find inner peace.  As such it helps relieve stress, mitigates oversensitivity, and calms you down so your actions can come from a place of inner harmony.

Rhyolite = Promotes a strong body and soul connection within you.  Its wonderful earth energy grounds you in the physical while its deep soulful energy connects with you on a higher vibration. This facilitates change on the soul level so that you can find solutions to conditions on the physical world.

Rutilated Quartz = Rutilated Quartz has a fantastic higher vibration that supports spiritual growth. This is best facilitated by guiding the user towards truth. Recognizing the truth (whether it is an unbiased understanding of a situation or a personal truth) helps you understand why a particular transition is necessary; and that very action opens up doorways towards spiritual enlightenment.

Tree Agate = Another crystal very symbolic of its name, Tree Agate promotes positive attributes of trees within you. It helps you to remain calm, rooting you into clarity and logic rather than emotional overreactions. These “roots” in turn give you a strength and flexibility to persevere through all types of weather.

Watermelon Tourmaline = This crystal is exceptional for applying mental and emotional clarity to a transitional period of your life.  On a mental level it brings patience and understanding to learn and accept the who, what, when, where, and why of the situation.  Emotionally, it relieves stress and supports inner peace so you can move through this transition as painlessly and securely as possible.

It's All Just Energy

In the qigong classes I taught in Granbury, I often times got into some great conversations after class about how energy works and how to decrease stress because qigong is all about increasing chi and decreasing anything that depletes chi.  Of course, stress is one of the major chi-robbers out there.  I shared many of my own personal experiences and encouraged everyone to participate in exercises designed to get a real feel for what I was saying.

I think most people nowadays realize some basics of quantum physics and the law of attraction.  I’ve been experimenting for some time now to try and prove this to myself, in a tangible way, and I have to say I have complete faith in it now, but everyone needs to come to this place on their own if they desire to harness their full potential.  Here are five exercises you can try at home:

Thank you, God, for My Misery  (1 Thessalonians 5:18 says to Praise God in all circumstances)

Set aside some quiet time, light a candle, burn some incense, then make a list of things you don’t like about your life and phrase each list title like this, “Thank you, God, that I am so Broke.” Then list and number as many reasons as you can think of why, if God is good (and “he” IS), this is a GOOD thing that’s working in your favor. The point is, there is a gift in everything.  You just need to discover what it is. Here is Bashar video illustrating this idea perfectly.  The reason for the candle is to bring light, awareness, focus, and adding the incense brings a sacredness so you can feel you’re marking the beginning of something new instead of just plopping on the couch with kids screaming in the background (or whatever your typical environment is).

EXAMPLE: “Thank you, God, for my pain”
1.  It gives me an excuse to not go to that party I don’t want to go to
2.  It gets me sympathy which is the only time I really feel like I get any TLC
3.  I’m sure it probably keeps me humble.  If I didn’t have this nagging pain, I’d probably think I know everything!
4.  Because of this pain, I’ve met some really amazing people I’d never have met otherwise.
5.  Because of this pain, I’ve been able to help other people with similar symptoms/suffering as I’ve had and help them deal with it better.
6.  This pain shows me there’s more yet to be done on my life’s journey and makes me curious about other modalities for healing and to see how energy works in terms of healing myself.
7.  If I do energy work, pain shows me what emotional blockages I have in my body that need releasing so I can move through them and embrace a new view or philosophy.

Play with it and, even if you laugh at it, still write it down.  It counts!  There is some truth in it.  Try doing this exercise every time you have any complaint AT ALL for awhile and see what happens.  See how things in your life start to shift and see how spacious you begin to feel.

15 Minutes a Day of Reality Play

In Bashar’s “Brick Wall Beliefs”, he talks about the key to manifestation:

“When you attach certain kinds of beliefs to your motivational mechanism, you are automatically and immediately propelled in the direction of reinforcing that belief. The idea of this mechanism is that you are always motivated by this mechanism to do whatever it is you choose to do. There are two basic motivations: 1) that you will always move immediately in the direction of what it is you perceive or find to be more pleasurable and 2) move away from or define to be more painful. The key is in what you define, believe, or perceive to be pleasure or pain. There are many subconscious paradoxes. The key to manifesting is intention, focus, concentration, then letting go and surrendering allowing this mechanism to do it’s job on higher levels. You can’t skip the latter. Just imagine, for 15 minutes, about what you want and LET IT GO and REALLY know the job is done. Then go on to do what most excites you in any given moment (not what you do out of anxiety you’re telling yourself you enjoy as actual avoidance).”

So, try this with a buddy sometime… call each other up every night and each of you gets 15 minutes to talk about what’s going on in each others future life.  Ask each other questions just like you do now only you’re talking from the future.  Choose any subject and just go!

EXAMPLE (for singles)

Jill:  Hey, Pam, guess what?  My boyfriend called today and said he loved me.  He’s SO romantic.  I know how busy he was, but he took time out of his busy day to acknowledge me and make me feel special.  I’m so lucky to have found him.
Pam:  Oh, my gosh!  He is sooo sweet.  What else did he say?  Did he go on again about how you make him feel like the luckiest guy in the world for having found you?  Ugh.  You guys make me sick.  So, when are you guys going to the Bahamas?

Do this exercise just before bed every night if you can (to set the tone for having a great sleep) then wake up the next day and not think about how you’re going to make it happen.  Try it!

10 Minutes of Laughter

After you hang up with your friend, or if you guys end up doing the 15 minutes earlier in the day, you can try laughing for 10 minutes before bed and/or 10 minutes when you get up.  Of course, this works best if you’re single unless your partner has a pretty open mind, but it definitely works.  Another way to do this is laugh your way home from work and laugh all the way to work.  This is such a powerful way to immediately lift your vibration and relax you.  Also, if you do this regularly, and a stressful situation hits you unexpectedly, your auto reaction will be to laugh which automatically takes you to a better place from which you can think more clearly and keeps you from reacting negatively affecting your relationships with others involved.

When I started laughing before bed, my cat, Neo, would look at me like, “What?!” and I would laugh harder.  Then he started to think I was laughing at him so he started trying to figure out what it was that he was doing to make me laugh so he could do it more.  Now, he just goes crazy acting like a clown and takes all the credit for my ten minutes of laughter!  It’s great.

Something incredible is happening!

No matter what is happening in your life, good or bad, try saying something to yourself (make sure you believe it or it won’t work) like, “Something incredible is happening… I can just feel it!” and see how it feels to say that.  See how it shifts your energy.  You could try “A miracle is happening!”, “This is the most amazing time of my life”, “This is the point in a movie where somebody stumbles upon a destiny changing factor”…whatever makes you feel optimistic. Adding the word “now” can make it that much more powerful. “Everything that happens in my life is for my best now”, “I experience miracles every day now”, “My days are full of miracles and magic now”, “I have the midas touch now… everything I touch turns to gold!”

I faced a very scarey time once when I had just moved into a new place and was having very realistic nightmares and feeling like my feet were being played with at night.  My whole bed shook and vibrated when I would only wiggle a toe!  I felt watched and very uneasy.  One morning, after an intense nightmare, I actually fell out of bed straight onto my neck!  I couldn’t believe I lived!  I was pretty much momentarily terrified wondering if there were spirits in my new home wanting to harm me.  I had all these thoughts like, “I knew this was too good to be true” and had flashes of those couples being interviewed on those ghost hunting shows saying, “We were so grateful to have gotten such a good deal on the house and felt this was really a turning point in our lives when suddenly the worst chapter of our lives was about to unfold.”  I called every intuitive friend I could think of and tried to get to the bottom of it.  I was feeling quite fearful and was exhausted from the lack of sleep and peace of mind.

Suddenly, I thought, “How is this different than anything else I face?  What would I be telling my students?  How is this the same as a physical ailment?  It’s all energy!”  I laughed to think I’d gotten caught up in such a whirlwind of fear.  I started saying, “Something truly amazing is happening!  A miracle is unfolding!”.  Sure enough, I go to bed that night and read an OSHO book and open it right up to a chapter on ghosts!  WHAT?!  This was a 2-1/2″ book.  How did I happen to leave off just before a part on ghosts??  Then, a good friend of mine said she knew just who to get me in touch with who is really good at clearing energy (I am good at clearing energy…  it just feels reassuring sometimes to have reinforcements in such a personal matter where your own bias can get in the way).  After talking to this gal, we became immediate friends, she helped me clear the home, it now feels like a normal home, and we do the 15 Minutes a Day of Reality Play exercise with each other. I was also able to heal a friend who called to check on how I was doing through the ordeal and happened to have pain in her leg while talking to me.  I cleared up a long standing chronic condition for her over the phone BECAUSE she called me regarding this matter.  I also inspired many of my students who saw how I shifted the whole situation around to see it through to one big miracle.  I’m telling you, from personal experience, you can shift ANYTHING.  You just have to keep saying the mantra and wait for the magic!

Breathe in Pink, Breathe out Love

OSHO, in his book about raising children, gives an exercise in the back and I’ve just put a little personal twist on it… Wait.  First off, you must do this at a time when you can do it at least 5 times or don’t bother.  Ok, here goes…

Breathe in the color pink directly into your heart chakra (not into your physical heart) then, as you breathe out, imagine love transforming the world with your breath.  When I breathe in pink, I also smell magnolia flower because it’s been said to increase and magnify manifestation and because I once smelled the most beautiful magnolia and love bringing the memory of its smell back into my consciousness.  I’ll never forget that one little bud.

You can use this in any situation and at any time.  It has incredible transformative powers!  I used it in the above story every night before bed to get me through the fear.  Also, if I was woken up in the middle of the night, I did it to transform energy and get back to sleep.

I hope you’ll try at least one of these exercises for at least a week and that it will increase your faith in the power of energy! 

Please feel free to leave a comment below with any questions or feedback. Namaste.


Crystals for Laughter (such as Sunstone, Carnelian and Citrine) = are amazing to raise those energies needed to manifest so don't forget them. Laughing is the ultimate healer.

Rose Quartz Brings unconditional love for oneself and others. It helps the process of allowing good things into your life.

Orange Spessartine = There doesn’t seem to be anything quite as bright and joyful. The vibrations and rays that emit from this striking crystal can fill us with pure bliss. It helps us find the joy in our lives that we have been missing and needing. Spessartine garnets are energy enhancers, and givers of joy. They are helpful in balancing the energy of the sacral chakra. With its orange color, Spessartine has the strength of the red rays joined with the powerful fire of the gold rays giving it the powers to combine, integrate, and unite. It is also reported by other practitioners to attract devotion, warmth, and understanding.

Sunrise Quartz Crystal =  It is a pure blend of orange and red hues. It offers you the joy and happiness of orange and the fire and passion of red. Sunrise Aura Quartz brings us orange, the color of joy and friendship. Joy is a pure emotion, an elusive one, but a heartfelt one. Often as people grow older, they lose the capacity for experiencing pure joy. It can be a simple delight or a deep, lasting feeling. If something seems to be missing but you can’t really describe it, perhaps a bit of the energy of the sunrise mixed in your daily life is needed. This Sunrise Aura Quartz is zest, life, and the burst of new ideas. Carry this crystal when you need inspiration. You will be inspired and motivated at the same time. The energy is quite potent.

Chrysocolla = A stone of feminine power used for creativity, dispelling anger, and easing fear.

White crystals (such as Howlite, Opalite and White Opal) = Help obtaining a clear mind; they also clear away the clutter and obstacles in your life. They purify your thoughts and thus your actions. White crystals bring forth, freedom, hope, cohesiveness, unity and remove inhibitions.

Moonstone = A crystal that helps you to re-structure your life at all levels. Moonstone, as the same name suggests, re-energizes well in moonlight and will be at its most powerful once cleansed, re-energized and programmed. If you practicing the law of attraction with this stone it will help bring your hopes and wishes to the fore. Be careful as it will give you what you need and not necessarily what you think you want. Moonstone calms the emotions and removes all negativity from all chakras. This is important if you want your desires to come to fruition as doubt can often creep in when setting intentions and consequently slow the whole process down. To call forth the New we have to get rid of the Old; this means that we need to get rid of old patterns of behaviour.

Kyanite = has a soothing tranquil nature and it is also known as the “Earth Stone”. This is an excellent stone for surfacing and dissolving old beliefs. It reminds us that everything happens for a purpose and we are ultimately in charge of our lives.  This is certainly true for me as I always find blessings in lessons and feel more in control of my live and my whole attitude to it. It brings out our natural ability to manifest things into reality through thought and visualisation, the latter being truly a must for the first stage of any “ dream come true “.

Mookite = Helps in a particular goal. It is a very active stone; it is full of Mother Earth Energy which stimulates the immune system and helps the body to heal. As I mentioned in a previous blog, it’s important to be physically well as it will help you mentally and physically. Mookite shields us from negativity and worry from past failures which can distract us from our goals. It represents new beginnings, new journeys and new creations.

Clear Quartz = This stone will balance all the chakras and brings clarity, balance and harmony, two important ingredients when we want to manifest our decisions. It will align the emotional mental, physical and spiritual aspects of a person. Clear Quartz will also amplify the healing effects of all the other stones mentioned. It’s also great to carry all these lovely stones in a pouch with you.