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Not to Pop Your Bubble

(Why What We Want Won't Make Us Happy)

The most frequently asked questions I get are "When am I going to meet my new guy/girl?", "What school will I go to?",  "Will I get this job I want?",  "Will my son ever stop being an addict (or some other variation of something that needs to change)?",  "What is my life purpose?",  "Am I on track in my life?",  "What's my ideal career?", "What's the root of my illness?",  "Will my book publish?". But what are they actually looking for?  Happiness. 

Then, once I give them intuitive probabilities, the questions come "When will this happen?" "But how is this going to happen when _______?", "But what if _______?", "How will I get this job/apartment/lover when I don't have ______ that qualifies me as a good fit?"

Often times, their guides have me tell them, "I will only give you ONE step. Once you take that step, I will give you another."  Why is it they do that?  Are they just trying to torture us?  Why can't we see 15 steps into the future and have it all planned out?  I talked with a panel of archangels once who joked about this, "Afterall, this is the purpose and joy of it all... to know all that is to come, yes?" and everyone laughed and they said, "your laughter made our point".

The answer is all of these things are just carrots dangling, but you'll never really get "there" until you go within for your answers and here is why:

Right now is the only moment that ever really exists.  There's a wellspring that pours through a portal into your experience.  That portal and wellspring is you in this moment.  What I mean by moment is literally right now as you're reading this... that feeling that you are alive... that tingling in your body... that concentration as you read this.  Not what your mind drifts off to in your imagination which is essentially all your past and future are... your imagination. 

The thing is why would you spend your precious now, the very vessel from which all creation is pouring forth through, on all of these ponderings of the future or dwellings of the past (and the ensuing feelings of worry or guilt attached) when you have this wellspring of peace, joy, and contentment right here and now when you clear the other stuff away?  We have all the answers here and now kind of like when a pipe bursts and all the water shoots out of one spot with great pressure.  When you don't spread your energy around with many holes all over the pipe, making the water seep out slowly, you concentrate all your energy on the one hole... now... and all of the knowledge of all of the water comes through you with great power and certainty. 

It's also like these various colored light filters put over cameras in the movies.  You have red, blue, yellow, and such. It's like a thin film they put over a light that then can turn the whole room red, green, or whatever.  When your wellspring is pouring through a filter of red (let's say the past), everything in the room turns red.  Same thing with the other colors.  But when you don't put a filter on the camera (your feeling state is contentment, freedom, and your mind is clear), you see everything just the way it is.

Also, many people don't realize this, but allowing the wellspring to pour through purely and untainted, you are also bringing forth into your reality the best possible solutions and outcomes according to your very best and highest good from the perspective of your higher self who is much wiser and has seen your life from a birds eye view and has your very best interests at heart at all times. Who better would you like to have running your life?  You with your many biases and judgements or the you who knows the true desires of your heart?  It is also ultimate vulnerability which is a two sided coin as it's also our ultimate power.  It's telling God "You just operate through me here. I trust you. I surrender this to you." After you reach this level of surrender in the moment every moment, it's like the whole universe conspires to make your every wish come true.

You think, once you find that great relationship, it's going to be happily ever after?  No. That's when the work begins.  Once you reach what you want, you'll then have a whole new set of things to ponder and worry about. "What will I do when they get mad at me?", "What if they fall in love with someone else down the road?", "Will they accept this about me?"... the list goes on and on and ON.  All tricks of the ego trying to keep your anywhere but here now. Why?  Because that's where the ego exists and it tries to convince you that you need it by telling you IT has all the answers if only you'd do this or that different.  But you don't need it at all. It's just a trick to keep you from freedom.

I'm not just saying this because it's a great theory I've read about in a book, although I do highly recommend Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth if you want to understand all of this in depth, but I am speaking from direct experience.  I have been enlightened and I know our true nature and what we're capable of as human beings.  We've become convinced, through societal programming, that worry, thinking, analyzing, and controlling everything are what bring about the results we want.  It couldn't be more untrue.  Truly surrendering to this moment every moment is not only going to bring you what you want, but the satisfaction with whatever it is that comes as well because you'll be living in the ultimate freedom... living in eager anticipation and joy of every moment that pours through the wellspring like staring into a fire fascinated by it's various forms as it moves about enchanting us with its dance. Why do you think we love staring into a fire?  It symbolizes us. 

If you truly want to be happy, my suggestion is to become very best friends with right now and make now the most important moment of your life.  Stay in a state of awe and wonder at the things that unfold like a child experiencing things for the first time.  Stay in a state of joy, eager anticipation & expansion in your heart. THEN you'll see what happiness really is... you coming back to your natural state again resting in the "Kingdom of God within".  This is your ultimate "present"... living in the present.

Please feel free to leave a comment below with any questions or feedback. Namaste.

How to Boost Your Faith

Faith means complete trust or confidence in someone or something or strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual understanding rather than proof.  In my line of work, it’s absolutely essential to have faith.  I feel I live more in my imagination than I do in the world of form (what we can physically see and touch).  I have learned through the years that faith alone makes all the difference in your ability to be happy and healthy in all areas of your life because we learn to live by divine guidance alone (which is always for our best possible good – so much more so than our meager egos will attempt to provide).  If you have doubt in any area that things aren’t going well or good enough, you cause dis-ease emotionally first then physically.  So, I wanted to give some ideas on how you can boost your faith in the unseen world and become a power house!


  1. Keep a list of your prayer requests in your iphone in your notes (or wherever you choose that’s convenient 24-7).  List the request then write down the time, date, and way the request was fulfilled.  There will be prayers that weren’t answered because you can’t go against other peoples free will, some prayers aren’t meant to be answered for your own good, and some get answered in strange ways that don’t look like what you were asking for but go you to the end result nontheless.  Keeping this list will help boost your faith.
  2. Keep a journal of random surprises, miracles, and synchronicities.  For the same reason, this will help you follow your divine guidance more clearly.  You can even start to follow the synchronistic signs like you’re figuring out a mystery.  Add your intuition to it and your life becomes magical.  Instead of being steered by logic, you’ll stop and ask your higher self, “Should I?” or have epiphanies, “Oh!  This is why I’ve been getting messages of changes to come.  I know just what I need to do ’cause this other card (tarot or oracle cards are great) I’ve been pulling says to take action without delay.”
  3. Practice with energy and psychic work.  Learn about energy and intuitive work and practice on others.  There are tons of videos on Youtube.  I highly recommend Teal Swan’s videos.  She’s fantastic.  Ask friends and relatives to let you practice “guessing” things about their lives.  Practice answering yes or no intuitively instead of from logic.  Practice all the time.  At first you’ll get things wrong, but eventually you navigate and sense your way through to trusting the visions, feelings, urges, and answers that come to you. If you want, write those down to!  If it’s profound enough, get a testimonial from them.  Gathering testimonials helps boost your faith a lot.
  4. Read my articleIts All Just Energy” and do the “Thank you, God, for my Misery” exercise!  After doing this exercise a few times and going back to it whenever you need it will boost your faith considerably in how supported and loved you are in everything that’s going on around you.  Believe it or not, it’s all perfect!  And it’s all bringing you to your highest and best life if you’ll just see it as so.

These will give you some ways to get started.  If you have any other ideas, please list them in the comments below.  We all have wonderful wisdom to share.  I’m here to support you if needed as well. Please feel free to leave a comment below with any questions or feedback. Namaste.


TOPAZ = an excellent crystal for boosting faith and invigorating one’s spiritual development. It cuts through uncertainty and doubt and instigates a sound trust in the universe. Topaz carries a marvelous energy for tapping into higher realms of awareness in order to channel Divine wisdom and knowledge, and for connecting with one’s spirit guides, angels, loved ones and Ascended Masters. It is ideal for recognizing the signs and symbols one is sent to help with daily life
LAPIS LAZULI = a powerful crystal of deep truth and understanding. CounteractS the wiles of the spirits of darkness and procure the aid and favor of the spirits of light and wisdom. It is a powerful crystal for activating the higher mind and enhancing intellectual ability. It stimulates the desire for knowledge, truth and understanding, and aids the process of learning. A stone of truth, Lapis encourages honesty of the spirit, and in the spoken and written word. It provides an awareness of one's motivations and beliefs, and gives a clearer perspective of one's whole life. It reveals not only one's limitations, but the opportunities for growth and to utilize one's gifts and abilities.
BLUE APATITE = Clears away confusion, apathy or negativity, then, stimulates the intellect to expand knowledge and truth, which may be used for personal growth or for the collective good. It is a Stone of Manifestation, promoting a humanitarian outlook and service to others. Blue Apatite is a deeply spiritual stone with a cleansing influence on the aura, especially in the mental body. It has an uplifting energy that raises spirits, encouraging a positive outlook and a hopeful attitude. Blue Apatite expands the awareness of past-life experiences and may enhance the understanding of any karmic influences on one's current reality.
EMERALD = These gemstones in the bible represent purest faith, the glories of God and His saints, a flourishing life which grows in integrity, new life, and an increased prosperity. It is open to every good, which knows never to give up. It is the work of Godliness. Those who posses an emerald will be aided in staying steadfast in purpose and faith.
LABRADORITE = enhances perseverance and strength and assists in spiritual healing and staying spiritually strong in the face of adversity.  Lifts one's mood, reducing insecurities and fears while encouraging self-empowerment and independence. Faith and trust in oneself as well as the universe are enhanced with the use of labradorite.
IMPERIAL GOLDEN TOPAZ = Embraces the nobility of spirit, status, personal will and ability to manifest one’s desires.  Increases the ability to direct one’s own energy or Universal energy into form. It is a stone of creativity and intention, generating abundance within the context of what is appropriate for one’s highest path. Used respectfully, it is an excellent crystal for conscious attunement to the highest forces in the universe. Like a battery, it can recharge one spiritually and physically, boosting faith and optimism, and increasing one’s confidence, self-worth and pride in one’s abilities without inflating the ego. This stone is beneficial to those seeking fame or overcoming limitations in order to implement great plans as it increases one’s charisma and attracts helpful people, while inspiring one to remain generous and open-hearted. It is an excellent crystal for meditation and connecting to the Divine, Ascended Masters, and Archangels.

What If I Don't Want To?!?

Bentinho Massaro talks about not doing things that you don’t feel great about.  However, another way to say that is to only do the things you love to do.  So, if you don’t love to do something you feel you HAVE to do, simply find a way to love it!  It feels a bit like working in reverse, but you can by get excited about those things you don’t want to do by looking at them from a different perspective.

For example, I couldn’t stand cooking awhile ago, but have a passion for healthy cooking now. I’ve enjoyed being married to men who were great cooks and I just never had the knack or desire.  After my recent divorce, however, I found that I derived the slightest enjoyment from being his sous chef.  I knew the spices he used and had watched him a million times.  For the most part, it was very simple, but he would even venture out to try gourmet meals saying that it was easy… you just follow the instructions.  SO, I decided to ask friends and roommates what they make and how.  Then I’d try it myself.  To my surprise, it became fun!  It was like meditation.  And it is even more fun with your favorite music in the background.  Once I started getting compliments, it was very reinforcing.  Today, I very much enjoy it and am a great cook!

I think you can take anything you’re not good at or don’t like and become great at it, feel a sense of accomplishment, then start to feel super awesome about it.  Either way you choose (don’t do it or learn to love it), it gets the job done.  If you don’t like doing bookkeeping for your business, you could either hire or trade out for someone to do it for you or you can take a class, study up, and become a pro… make it easy and fun for yourself!

I try to make everything I do “high vibe”.  When I watch movies, I stay in a state of presence observing myself and feeling radiant. In this way, nothing I do feels dull or icky unless I choose that feeling state.  Try it and have fun in all that you do! Please feel free to leave a comment below with any questions or feedback. Namaste.


Green Adventurine = Releases old patterns, habits and disappointments so new growth can take place. It brings optimism and a zest for life, allowing one to move forward with confidence and to embrace change. It enhances one’s creativity and motivation, and encourages perseverance in maneuvering life’s obstacles. It also reinforces one’s decisiveness and amplifies leadership qualities, injecting a sense of humor and openness to the ideas of others.
Chrysocolla = The green color of Chrysocolla relates to the Heart Chakra and perfectly symbolizes how this crystal can support you during difficult times. This stone boosts your confidence and gives you the courage to deal with whatever situation you are facing. It is excellent for your heart, helping you release stress and tension while bringing joy into your life.

Garnet = A fantastic stone for the Base (or Root) Chakra. It enhances confidence and survival instincts, allowing you to navigate tricky situations more easily. It is less well known for, but equally effective at, subtly bringing out love for life.

Jet = Commonly known as a grounding and protective crystal, Jet is also powerfully cleansing.  It slowly removes negative energies from your body, essentially reducing the hold that emotions such as fear and sadness can have over you. Combined with its ability to balance your yin and yang energies, Jet leaves you as steady and stable as possible for whatever may come.

Labradorite = radiates a magical quality, and is excellent for alchemical purposes.  By simultaneously enhancing your intuition and mental clarity, it allows you to envision multiple possibilities and find a path to the outcome of your choice.

Malachite = If you are ever emotionally exhausted, Malachite might be the perfect crystal to use. It balances your emotions, reducing negativity such as stress and tension while increasing positivity in the forms of hope and happiness.  With the final touches of boosting endurance and cleansing the aura, Malachite leaves you in a much better position than that which you started from.

Moonstone = When your emotions are too strong to think clearly and seem to take over your life Moonstone is the crystal you need. Unlike Malachite which supports emotional health in general, Moonstone is specifically geared towards helping you find inner peace.  As such it helps relieve stress, mitigates oversensitivity, and calms you down so your actions can come from a place of inner harmony.

Rhyolite = Promotes a strong body and soul connection within you.  Its wonderful earth energy grounds you in the physical while its deep soulful energy connects with you on a higher vibration. This facilitates change on the soul level so that you can find solutions to conditions on the physical world.

Rutilated Quartz = Rutilated Quartz has a fantastic higher vibration that supports spiritual growth. This is best facilitated by guiding the user towards truth. Recognizing the truth (whether it is an unbiased understanding of a situation or a personal truth) helps you understand why a particular transition is necessary; and that very action opens up doorways towards spiritual enlightenment.

Tree Agate = Another crystal very symbolic of its name, Tree Agate promotes positive attributes of trees within you. It helps you to remain calm, rooting you into clarity and logic rather than emotional overreactions. These “roots” in turn give you a strength and flexibility to persevere through all types of weather.

Watermelon Tourmaline = This crystal is exceptional for applying mental and emotional clarity to a transitional period of your life.  On a mental level it brings patience and understanding to learn and accept the who, what, when, where, and why of the situation.  Emotionally, it relieves stress and supports inner peace so you can move through this transition as painlessly and securely as possible.

You ARE Money

Everyone seems to want more money.  It’s the #1 reason couples fight.  It’s been known to be the root of all evil.  But I’d like to break something down simply so you can know the great creator you are.  Since everything, when broken down into its simplest form, is energy, this means money is just energy, right?   If everything is energy, that also means you and I are energy.  So, let’s see.  Money = me.  You’re just merely a reflection of one another.  Ever heard money only makes you more of what you are?  So true!  Quite literally.  The only real problem then is in the seeming separation just as in our relationships with others.  For example, upper class and lower class separates us just as any judgment.  Why is it we’re willing to pay to help out our family (those considered our blood), but less inclined to pay a friend’s bill?  When we choose, instead, to view relationships and money through God’s eyes, we will attract money and wonderful relationships into our lives exponentially with momentum.  Here are two exercises to help you cultivate both:


Take whatever amount of money you have currently and list all the ways you could spend it.  Consider things you really want and think you can’t have and list creative ways you know you could actually get those things if you were creative enough, took the time, and took the effort to get them.  This will help you feel empowered that you could actually and truly have anything you want right here and right now… today!  Even if you only have $1.00 (and everyone does), think of all the ways you could spend it.  You could:

  • buy paperclips
  • buy toenail clippers
  • two candy bars
  • pay for a load of laundry
  • get enough gas to take you across town
  • give it away
  • take a bus
  • buy a notepad
  • buy a pen
  • buy a card for someone
  • buy some stamps
  • almost anything at a dollar store
  • a few copies at Staples
  • a song off Amazon
  • a really cheap used book
  • a can of soup, etc.

This way it becomes more about what you choose to spend it on rather than whether or not you can afford it.  And that’s with just ONE dollar!  Look at all that abundance… all those options!  Play this game with yourself and see what you come up with and feel GREAT about the money you do have.  Even money you owe can be viewed as abundance.  Learn to see it as that so you hold your vibration high around the subject of money.  See your debt as evidence of how truly supported you are that you have been able to provide yourself with so many wonderful things and don’t even need to pay it back yet.  It’s like God himself loaned you the money so you could enjoy your life now and know he will give you enough money to pay it all back if you just view every bit of it as positively as you can since we know like energy attracts like.


Now this is the key most people miss.  The universe or God doesn’t differentiate one person from another and say this one is more important than that one.  He’s not up there taking a tally on who’s more deserving of his love or more money.  Energy flows much like water and goes with the past of least resistance. Therefore, when we choose to see giving to others as equal to giving to ourselves, we demonstrate not only our trust and faith in the money coming back to us tenfold (just as when we give to someone, it feels incredible), but we show the universe anything given to us won’t just stop there… it will flow unto all his children without discrimination!  You become a conduit for an outpouring of abundance.  And this giving doesn’t have to be financial.  I encourage you to make a list, therefore, of all the ways in which you give to show yourself proof and evidence that, indeed, you will continue to receive and be supported.

Here are some examples:

  • Spending money can be seen as abundance.  Spend!  You support the business, you pay those employees’ wages, and you support the community by spending money. Powerful!
  • Staying happy no matter your circumstances or situations that occur in your world.  Keeping your vibration high effects not only what you’re drawing to you, but everyone you interact with as well.  You become a light in your community effecting everyone indirectly and directly with your smile and radiant energy (including those who madden you).
  • Offer your services for free or exchange/trade services with someone.
  • If you are a receptionist and know of someone struggling to make a business get on it’s feet, volunteer to help them for an hour once a week answering phones, helping them get organized, help them be more efficient at their email correspondence, help with computer issues, etc.
  • Teach something on Facebook or in a public place that you know really well.  This will boost your confidence, help you feel good, make others feel good, and whatever you teach, you reinforce in yourself!  The teacher is also always a student as well.
  • Give something away instead of selling it.
  • If someone invites you to go do something, do it!  It’ll make them feel really good.  I had a client leave a session once then come back and few minutes later wanting to go look at a nativity scene.  I jumped on it and immediately went.  You just never know where life is leading you!  It turned out to be a wonderful time and, though I thought I didn’t have the time to do it, it ended up working out perfectly and my next door neighbor ended up buying me dinner and having it ready for me when I got home so saved me time making dinner!
  • Pet sit or house sit.  What pet owner doesn’t need this?  Then they can sit for you as well.
  • When you’re given food, give it away (not just to your FAMILY… give to friends & strangers)!
  • If you have extra money, give it to a friend who’s struggling.
  • If you owe a friend money, pay them back as soon as possible.
  • Don’t complain on Facebook… uplift!
  • Cultivate your chi by doing qigong daily.  When you cultivate and build your own energy up, you can help others around you as well.
  • Give friendly smile or perform a random act of kindness.  I love buying peoples’ groceries.
  • If someone is alone grocery shopping or have their hands full, offer to help them.

In the book "The Abundance Book" by John Randolph Price, he defines money as this: "Money is my own natural energy yield."
Natural = God-given, genuine, normal, an essential essence."
Energy = vigor of expression, cosmic forces (each is the very universe personified)
Yield = harvest, return, payment

So, money is my very essence, which when properly expressed, returns to me as an all-sufficiency of legal tender, to be used in exchange for goods and services.

Affirm this: "Through my consciousness of my God Self, the Christ within, as my Source, I draw into my mind and feeling nature the very substance of Spirit. This substance is my supply; thus, my consciousness of the Presence of God within me is my supply."

These are just a few ideas, but list all the ways you give on a daily basis and maybe even add some new ideas.  Always be thinking in terms of giving.  The more in-service-to-others minded we become, the more abundant and supportive our own lives become.  It’s just a natural law.  I dare you to try and prove this wrong!

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Please feel free to leave a comment below with any questions or feedback. Namaste.


TURQUOISE = Thought to increase Wisdom. An old ritual utilized Turquoise to gain wealth: Perform this rite a few days after the New Moon when the crescent is first visible in the sky. Avoid looking at the Moon until the proper time. Hold a Turquoise in your hand. Visualize your magical need -- money -- manifesting in your life. Move outside and look at the Moon. Then directly shift your gaze to the Turquoise. The magic has begun. Carry the stone with you until the money arrives.
CITRINE + PYRITE = These two are often used together to create powerful manifestation. Pyrite is very grounding and protective as well as being a great tool for manifestation.  They both (together or separately) draw happiness, creativity, and power to those who use it with intention.  Citrine is especially used to manifest abundance and money.  Hold one piece in each hand during meditation and you can also choose a particular affirmation or visualization to focus upon. Citrine has been called the "merchant stone."   It assists in both acquiring and maintaining wealth.
ROSE QUARTZ = Assists natural power and ability to create, focuses your attention on prosperity and abundance, helps attracts abundance of all kinds, promotes lighter, happier attitudes, reminds you to act on your dreams with trust, reminds you that there is always more coming, and assists in erasing "I can't do it" thoughts and feelings.

RED GARNET = A stone that brings productivity along with the characteristics of happiness and abundance.  Garnets can bring prosperity in your career. Particularly good for women for business or career success. 

FLUORITE = Innovative and inventive, it is a highly effective “brain” stone, allowing you to use your creativity to build wealth. Particularly good for women in career combined with Garnet. 

CARNELIAN = brings Action and Motivation. It is the most powerful "Call - to-Action" stone for focusing, realization and self-actualization of dreams and goals.   Like Moss Agate, it stimulates analytical capabilities and precision, and also helps to revel your hidden or latent talents by stimulating your curiosity and inquisitiveness. 

JADE = Has been considered an Abundance stone for centuries. 

BLACK JADE = Helps us to control our greed or need for control by instilling wisdom in the use of personal power.

BLOODSTONE = Inspires harmony through prosperity consciousness and a willingness for abundance.  Instills the courage to follow your dreams. 

RUBY = The energy here stimulates wealth and provides protection so that your wealth never departs.

TOPAZ = Known as the stone of "love and success in all endeavors" accomplished by releasing doubts and trusting in the universe.  Topaz opens the door to unlimited opportunities by helping you to understand the cycle of giving and receiving.   You attract prosperity and abundance with this stone and then manifest it.

TIGER EYE = Is here to stimulate wealth and prosperity and once gained help you retain it. As a power stone Tiger Eye has a wonderful reputation for attracting people that can help you in your career or goals, wealth, money & luck.  A grounding stone that guides you in creating the stability needed to maintain your wealth.

GREEN TOURMALINE = Channels and uses personal energy for the accomplishment of goals, especially in the area of creativity and prosperity.

OPAL = Promotes the ability to both earn and retain money.

PYROMORPHITE = This stone brings a freshness in attitude as it stimulates your personal power. It attracts money or energy in the form of goods.

IOLITE = With all the money you will be attracting you may not need this stone.  Iolite works well in the elimination of debt.

MOSS AGATE = Strength and beauty in all you do comes with this stone that also has been known to attract prosperity and riches into your life.

AMETHYST = Helps your business affairs prosper, and encourages the spiritual side of your life, where you begin to share your abundance, success and opportunity with others.
PERIDOT = Is the Money Stone.  Wear it to draw money and opportunity your way.  Put Peridot in your cash box along with Citrine. Peridot will help to draw money to you, and Citrine will help to keep it once you get it!  Stimulates opportunity, improves your leadership skills and helps you respond to challenges on an instinctive level - allowing you to make quick, confident decisions.  Wonderful motivation - action stone for entrepreneurs and the self employed who have that pioneering -  "Go get 'emSpirit!".  Aventurine is a Luck and Chance stone, drawing Universal forces to turn the tie in your favor.

How It All Started

People often ask me how I got to be doing what I'm doing now.  I've always been intuitive, but honestly never imagined doing this line of work at all.  In fact, I'd have scoffed and laughed if you told me. I was in the corporate world climbing up the ladder on my way to Executive Director.  Years ago, I'd learned qigong for its health benefits but didn't really believe in it.  I learned how to work on others as well, but thought the people who said I was helping them were just humoring me and I didn't feel any difference in myself.  So I stopped practicing it.  I dismissed it as a bunch of hooey although I was impressed by what I'd heard "masters" were able to do. But, then again, those were just "stories". 

My career as a Community Relations Director came to a close due to stress and politics.  After I got married, I resumed a positive reinforcement dog training business I had years prior, focused on writing a book I had been wanting to write on consciousness, and developed a life coaching program online that incorporated nutrition for optimal health.  This combo was the best way I could stay mobile with all our moving around (he was a Geologist) - Montana, Oregon, then Texas, 3 houses, 2 rentals, and countless hotels.  We landed in Granbury, Texas and I filed for divorce six months later after years of trying very hard to make the marriage work.

When I left my husband, a friend said I could stay with her for awhile "in the mountains" while she wrote a book and I could figure out my next steps. I took her up on it and didn't realized till I'd already left, that "in the mountains" meant New Mexico!  Once I'd gotten introduced to Riodoso a bit, we started to talk about what was next for me. She was a Naturopath with a background in reflexology and was certified to teach it. I told her about qigong and what little faith I had in it. She asked me to do a demonstration for her (I had developed my own twist on it that intrigued her).  She boosted my faith saying she could really tell a difference in some of her ailments right away and the things I'd picked up on were spot on.  She suggested I incorporate reflexology with my qigong and work on some of her clients.  I got rave reviews and word about me was spreading. 

About that time, I was required to go back to Texas on legal business and, when I got there, I felt a strong pull to be there.  I made an about face and relocated back to Texas with more knowledge about herbs, supplements, and reflexology under my belt as well as some confidence in energy work. A couple practitioners were opening up a smoothie and juice bar where they planned to offer energy work and had heard about what I do through the grapevine.   They asked me to join them and I was able to work there as their part time juicer and practitioner as I built a new life and business.  I started gathering testimonials from happy clients and building my clientele.  Then I started to expand out and do parties.  Then I was putting up a booth at trade shows soon after.  Right as I got settled into a new cute little apartment right downtown and was loving living in Granbury, I received a higher calling. I was called to go to Boulder where I now live and work as a Psychic Reader for the Lighthouse Bookstore Thursday through Saturdays and do remote sessions for people all over the world


Amethyst = A wonderful Third-Eye Chakra stone, helping one throughout the decision making process.  It has a high vibration and is the most commonly used crystal for intuition and clear thinking, as well as for healing and protection.
Azurite =  Works with the throat and Third-Eye chakras, and can help one acheive a clear, new perspective on any situation.  It is a great stone for the intellect, and it is often used to ameliorate stress, worry, fear, and sadness, by bringing in light. 
Rutilated Quartz = Helps one to make contact with higher spiritual guidance, which is a must when making important decisions.  Many use Rutilated Quartz when in need of special insight into a problem.  It is also a great mood lifter by pulling away negative energies that might be influencing those involved.
Flourite = An excellent Third-Eye Chakra stone, working well to enhance intuition and to facilitate impartiality.  Flourite is also psychically protective, relieving stress and removing negativity.