Amy Satori

Intuitive Spiritual Counselor


How Best to Manifest

I often encourage people to become a vibrational match now to whatever they’re trying to attract… to live now as if whatever you want has already happened.  But this can be easier said than done.  You translate your circumstances as being either confirmation of your future turning out as you want or confirmation that you’re never going to get it no matter how hard you try.  But just as seeds need time to break through the soil to reach to the sun and, even once it’s broken the surface, it needs time to grow, we also need to give our dreams time.  Nature is often our greatest teacher because it is a true reflection of us only without the ego’s interference as I demonstrate here:

1) Stay in the now – The seed, while in the dirt, isn’t obsessed with breaking the surface.  Its just feeling the support of being alive and surrounded by protective, nurturing dirt and basks in how good it feels to be alive having had a little water and fertilizer.  In a sense, it yawns and stretches at this early morning stage, takes a look around, and says, “Hmmm. What now?”

2) Reach for what feels good – Then, as something starts to grow within , it’s in awe and wonder at how this feeling of being is now transforming into something that is reaching and transforming.  It feels warmth above and cool below so it reaches for the warmth… the warmth makes it feel good.  It thinks, “Ah, yes, that feels good.  Go there.” so it does.  It isn’t trying to figure out exactly what it is, what it will become, or how it would get there.  It isn’t thinking, “What if I don’t get watered anymore?”  or “What if the sun stops shining?”.  It doesn’t wonder whether it’s growing right.  It just keeps reaching for what feels good.

3) Create a relationship with source and ignore obstacles – Once the seedling breaks the soil, it feels like a miracle.  The warmth is fully realized and feels incredible!  But then it gets introduced to cold and wind… something it had been protected from hiding in the dirt.  What does it do?  Stays focused on what feels good.  It smiles at the sun and the sun smiles back and they develop a relationship.  It develops it’s muscle in trusting keeping its focus on what feels good and ignoring what threatens as best it can.  What results?  It becomes strong.  It leans into what feels good and it’s roots grow stronger.  Sunflowers, for example, even turn to face the sun to maximize exposure.  The lavender in my window leans to reach for sun as you can see here.

4)  Don’t compare – Once the seed has become a plant, it doesn’t look around and say, “I don’t understand why I only get 2 hours of sun and those other plants gets 5 hours… it’s not fair!” or “Why does that flower already have blooms and I don’t yet?”.  It just continues to focus on it’s source and keeps reaching.  If anything, it would see that blooming flower next to it and say, “Oh, THAT’s what I am!  Oh, ok.  I get it.” and will start mimicking it as best it can.  How would it know its blooms are a different color since it can’t see itself?  When it blooms, it can feel the blooms and assumes it looks just like the other and radiates its beauty.

This mix of staying focused on our source and reaching is the magical combo nature has already designed for us to follow.  Being grateful for what we have now isn’t a judgement that we should be grateful for what we have now.  It’s so we can cultivate the same feeling now as the feelings we’ll have once we’ve gotten what we want.  Why?  So we’re used to that feeling… inviting it in (we don’t push it away saying we don’t deserve it… it feels normal to feel that way to us) instead of pushing it away…  So we’re of the same frequency to it so it resonates with us…  So we train ourselves to be happy now in the now instead of always feeling like we need something outside of ourselves to make us happy because we’ll end up taking that feeling of discontentment into our next level and the next and the next.  Pretty soon, we find ourselves rich, married, and with everything we’ve dreamed of… and still unsatisfied.  The point is learning to love being here – just you and the sun smiling at one another and seeing what pops up as a result!

How do I visualize if I’m not sure what I want?

It doesn’t matter what you’re visualizing… just stay focused on how good it feels.  You can like a different person or a different dream every day so long as it makes your heart soar.  When someone flirts with you, instead of running with what it might mean, how you could manipulate your way to the end result you’re imagining, and trying to figure out how best to make that end result happen, just smile and say, “Thank you… more please”, bask in the warmth, and feel thankful.  That’s it.  Then go home and visualize a new life with that person and how wonderful it would be, but don’t try to plan and plot.  It’s the planning and plotting that’s unnatural.  Just accept it as already having happened and feel grateful.  Then, the next day, when another person flirts that you enjoy, say, “Thank you… more please”, bask in the warmth, feel thankful, then know it is yours too.  No figuring anything out.  You know the sun will continue to shine and that you’re becoming stronger against the wind, rain, and cold.  And you’re becoming more vibrant and beautiful all the time giving off your beautiful lavender scent or making people smile with your bright yellow petals facing the sun!  Be Still and know “I am God” like the flower doesn’t know the difference between itself and its source… it feels one with it and just expresses itself.  So are you a creator in God’s likeness creating a beautiful essence and fragrance of love, trust, faith, vulnerability and surrender attracting things of like essence.

Visualization on Steroids

If you want to take your visualization a step further, you can start to ignore your current circumstances more and make your visualizations or daydreams more real to you than what’s actually physically around you.  Everywhere you go, act as if you have that million dollars, feel as if it’s already yours, feel as if you’re already married and are driving home to your husband… in everything you do, be what you are in the future and bask in that.  Pretty soon, you’ll feel like you’re living in a fantasy world, but, essentially, you are pulling forth that fantasy through your present seeming reality.  It keeps you encouraged which keeps your vibration high.  Then you start to see evidence of this fantasy manifesting in reality and say, “Wow!  Look there!  I just manifested that!” more and more till it’s actually fully realized.

Become the giver and the receiver of Your Manifestation

It is powerful to realize you are one with source and this is amplified by also playing the receiver.  Try a prayer like this, “I accept I don’t know how to make my dreams come true so I call upon the divine light to work through me, on my behalf, to make this happen so I don’t have to strive to make it work.  So be it.  Thank you.”  Try this every time you try to control your way to an outcome and you’ll be set.

Some words in this Abraham-Hicks video accentuate this article beautifully. I hope these suggestions help you create your dream life! Please feel free to leave a comment below with any questions or feedback. Namaste.


CITRINE + PYRITE = These two are often used together to create powerful manifestation. Pyrite is very grounding and protective as well as being a great tool for manifestation.  They both (together or separately) draw happiness, creativity, and power to those who use it with intention.  Citrine is especially used to manifest abundance and money.  Hold one piece in each hand during meditation and you can also choose a particular affirmation or visualization to focus upon. Citrine has been called the "merchant stone."   It assists in both acquiring and maintaining wealth.
ROSE QUARTZ = Assists natural power and ability to create, focuses your attention on prosperity and abundance, helps attracts abundance of all kinds, promotes lighter, happier attitudes, reminds you to act on your dreams with trust, reminds you that there is always more coming, and assists in erasing "I can't do it" thoughts and feelings.

RED GARNET = A stone that brings productivity along with the characteristics of happiness and abundance.  Garnets can bring prosperity in your career. Particularly good for women for business or career success. 

FLUORITE = Innovative and inventive, it is a highly effective “brain” stone, allowing you to use your creativity to build wealth. Particularly good for women in career combined with Garnet. 

CARNELIAN = brings Action and Motivation. It is the most powerful "Call - to-Action" stone for focusing, realization and self-actualization of dreams and goals.   Like Moss Agate, it stimulates analytical capabilities and precision, and also helps to revel your hidden or latent talents by stimulating your curiosity and inquisitiveness. 

JADE = Has been considered an Abundance stone for centuries. 

BLACK JADE = Helps us to control our greed or need for control by instilling wisdom in the use of personal power.

BLOODSTONE = Inspires harmony through prosperity consciousness and a willingness for abundance.  Instills the courage to follow your dreams. 

RUBY = The energy here stimulates wealth and provides protection so that your wealth never departs.

TOPAZ = Known as the stone of "love and success in all endeavors" accomplished by releasing doubts and trusting in the universe.  Topaz opens the door to unlimited opportunities by helping you to understand the cycle of giving and receiving.   You attract prosperity and abundance with this stone and then manifest it.

TIGER EYE = Is here to stimulate wealth and prosperity and once gained help you retain it. As a power stone Tiger Eye has a wonderful reputation for attracting people that can help you in your career or goals, wealth, money & luck.  A grounding stone that guides you in creating the stability needed to maintain your wealth.

GREEN TOURMALINE = Channels and uses personal energy for the accomplishment of goals, especially in the area of creativity and prosperity.

OPAL = Promotes the ability to both earn and retain money.

PYROMORPHITE = This stone brings a freshness in attitude as it stimulates your personal power. It attracts money or energy in the form of goods.

IOLITE = With all the money you will be attracting you may not need this stone.  Iolite works well in the elimination of debt.

MOSS AGATE = Strength and beauty in all you do comes with this stone that also has been known to attract prosperity and riches into your life.

AMETHYST = Helps your business affairs prosper, and encourages the spiritual side of your life, where you begin to share your abundance, success and opportunity with others.
PERIDOT = Is the Money Stone.  Wear it to draw money and opportunity your way.  Put Peridot in your cash box along with Citrine. Peridot will help to draw money to you, and Citrine will help to keep it once you get it!  Stimulates opportunity, improves your leadership skills and helps you respond to challenges on an instinctive level - allowing you to make quick, confident decisions.  Wonderful motivation - action stone for entrepreneurs and the self employed who have that pioneering -  "Go get 'emSpirit!".  Aventurine is a Luck and Chance stone, drawing Universal forces to turn the tie in your favor.