Amy Satori

Intuitive Spiritual Counselor


Not to Pop Your Bubble

(Why What We Want Won't Make Us Happy)

The most frequently asked questions I get are "When am I going to meet my new guy/girl?", "What school will I go to?",  "Will I get this job I want?",  "Will my son ever stop being an addict (or some other variation of something that needs to change)?",  "What is my life purpose?",  "Am I on track in my life?",  "What's my ideal career?", "What's the root of my illness?",  "Will my book publish?". But what are they actually looking for?  Happiness. 

Then, once I give them intuitive probabilities, the questions come "When will this happen?" "But how is this going to happen when _______?", "But what if _______?", "How will I get this job/apartment/lover when I don't have ______ that qualifies me as a good fit?"

Often times, their guides have me tell them, "I will only give you ONE step. Once you take that step, I will give you another."  Why is it they do that?  Are they just trying to torture us?  Why can't we see 15 steps into the future and have it all planned out?  I talked with a panel of archangels once who joked about this, "Afterall, this is the purpose and joy of it all... to know all that is to come, yes?" and everyone laughed and they said, "your laughter made our point".

The answer is all of these things are just carrots dangling, but you'll never really get "there" until you go within for your answers and here is why:

Right now is the only moment that ever really exists.  There's a wellspring that pours through a portal into your experience.  That portal and wellspring is you in this moment.  What I mean by moment is literally right now as you're reading this... that feeling that you are alive... that tingling in your body... that concentration as you read this.  Not what your mind drifts off to in your imagination which is essentially all your past and future are... your imagination. 

The thing is why would you spend your precious now, the very vessel from which all creation is pouring forth through, on all of these ponderings of the future or dwellings of the past (and the ensuing feelings of worry or guilt attached) when you have this wellspring of peace, joy, and contentment right here and now when you clear the other stuff away?  We have all the answers here and now kind of like when a pipe bursts and all the water shoots out of one spot with great pressure.  When you don't spread your energy around with many holes all over the pipe, making the water seep out slowly, you concentrate all your energy on the one hole... now... and all of the knowledge of all of the water comes through you with great power and certainty. 

It's also like these various colored light filters put over cameras in the movies.  You have red, blue, yellow, and such. It's like a thin film they put over a light that then can turn the whole room red, green, or whatever.  When your wellspring is pouring through a filter of red (let's say the past), everything in the room turns red.  Same thing with the other colors.  But when you don't put a filter on the camera (your feeling state is contentment, freedom, and your mind is clear), you see everything just the way it is.

Also, many people don't realize this, but allowing the wellspring to pour through purely and untainted, you are also bringing forth into your reality the best possible solutions and outcomes according to your very best and highest good from the perspective of your higher self who is much wiser and has seen your life from a birds eye view and has your very best interests at heart at all times. Who better would you like to have running your life?  You with your many biases and judgements or the you who knows the true desires of your heart?  It is also ultimate vulnerability which is a two sided coin as it's also our ultimate power.  It's telling God "You just operate through me here. I trust you. I surrender this to you." After you reach this level of surrender in the moment every moment, it's like the whole universe conspires to make your every wish come true.

You think, once you find that great relationship, it's going to be happily ever after?  No. That's when the work begins.  Once you reach what you want, you'll then have a whole new set of things to ponder and worry about. "What will I do when they get mad at me?", "What if they fall in love with someone else down the road?", "Will they accept this about me?"... the list goes on and on and ON.  All tricks of the ego trying to keep your anywhere but here now. Why?  Because that's where the ego exists and it tries to convince you that you need it by telling you IT has all the answers if only you'd do this or that different.  But you don't need it at all. It's just a trick to keep you from freedom.

I'm not just saying this because it's a great theory I've read about in a book, although I do highly recommend Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth if you want to understand all of this in depth, but I am speaking from direct experience.  I have been enlightened and I know our true nature and what we're capable of as human beings.  We've become convinced, through societal programming, that worry, thinking, analyzing, and controlling everything are what bring about the results we want.  It couldn't be more untrue.  Truly surrendering to this moment every moment is not only going to bring you what you want, but the satisfaction with whatever it is that comes as well because you'll be living in the ultimate freedom... living in eager anticipation and joy of every moment that pours through the wellspring like staring into a fire fascinated by it's various forms as it moves about enchanting us with its dance. Why do you think we love staring into a fire?  It symbolizes us. 

If you truly want to be happy, my suggestion is to become very best friends with right now and make now the most important moment of your life.  Stay in a state of awe and wonder at the things that unfold like a child experiencing things for the first time.  Stay in a state of joy, eager anticipation & expansion in your heart. THEN you'll see what happiness really is... you coming back to your natural state again resting in the "Kingdom of God within".  This is your ultimate "present"... living in the present.

Please feel free to leave a comment below with any questions or feedback. Namaste.