Amy Satori

Intuitive Spiritual Counselor


My Sweet Friend, Jesus

Let me tell you about my relationship with Jesus. Back, when I was a bible talk leader, I saw him as kinda like my big brother standing behind me as backup while I bullied and whacked people upside the head with bible verses wanting to knock some sense into them. I actually got kicked out of a relatives home once, by my uncle, who'd had enough of my judgement and condemnation.

Then, I started to take more personal responsibility and quit pointing fingers so much as “all of those” sinners and, through much self exploration, ultimately experienced the beauty of the Kingdom of God unfold within me in a profoundly life-changing way and lost track of Jesus, as a persona, altogether (in that state of enlightenment, you ultimately merge with Christ consciousness so he wasn't really gone... we were merged. But then I went back to being a normal human again after 6 months). 

About a year ago, I felt an urge to heal my relationship with him instead of throwing him out with the religious bathwater. I remember talking to him as I was driving along (his spirit in the passenger seat). He was stunningly gorgeous and I said, “Wow. All those paintings don’t do you justice.” And he laughed. I was so impressed with his ability to express his feelings and thoughts in such a wise, mature, and understanding way.  And his sense of humor melted me from the inside.  I told him guys who look like him now are usually players and they use their looks to manipulate... that it was rare to find a guy with those looks and such a kind, loving heart and yet with such confidence and power. I asked why more men aren’t like him if we’re all made in his likeness and he winked and said I will come to see many more like him first hand (and I have!).  He said there will be a rise of the divine masculine (men in their true power balanced with their feminine side) once the divine feminines had taken back their rightful place and restored peace again. I think this is why the twin flames are so important. Their mission is to help restore this balance between feminine and masculine amongst themselves then within humanity as a whole. They are the leaders... the power couples who will be setting the example on the New Earth. 

Fast forward to a few days ago when a girl comes into work and asks if we could talk privately because Jesus has a message for me. The message was amazingly accurate and heart warming. One thing he said was he wanted to be one of my guides again which, of course, I accepted.  The next day, I go through another, smaller awakening (believe it or not, while I was watching the new 3D Star Wars). Then, a couple days later, a lady asks me to explain the difference between oracle and tarot cards. As I was pointing to some examples, I saw “commitment”, “new love”, “6 of wands”, “trust”, and “miracles” then a co-worker walked up and asks, “Do you know where I can find ‘Loving Words From Jesus’? Laughing at the irony, I answer the phone that's ringing and someone asks if we have T-shirts with Jesus quotes. Feeling a little paranoid when the phone rang again, I asked my boss to get it. After a couple seconds, her jaw drops and she smiles, shaking her head, handing the phone over, “This one’s for you. She’s wondering about twin flames. I told her we have the expert right here.” This girl had apparently called around everywhere asking and no one knew where to direct her then she was prompted by God to “Call the Lighthouse right now”. Wow. Seriously? Jesus is so awesome. 

I do believe Jesus was a twin flame too. He's a big advocate of true love. I can see why he's here to help me on my mission and it's greatly appreciated. I pretend to know what I'm doing, but, really, I'm just like you. Listening and following the synchronicities, signs, and guidance I'm given as best I can.

Thank you, Jesus, for your support, encouragement, being my guiding light, for continuing to lay out the breadcrumb trail, and for cracking me up just when I need it the most. He’s not the serious guy we take him to be. And he’s happy to help.. especially in matters of the heart and healing. He’s the best example I know of divine masculinity.  Please call on him to help you on your journey.  You'll be glad you did.