Amy Satori

Intuitive Spiritual Counselor


I love when he...

I'd share one of my favorite tools for clearing out our old relationship stuff and bringing in the new, more ideal love you desire.

First off, I'd like to recommend my exercise "Thank You, God, for my Misery" for those of you who still harbor any kind of ill feelings against a former partner. That's first and foremost because it's important to not bring that baggage into this wonderful new person's experience of you.

Next, I recommend reading my article "Why You Must Love Yourself First" to be sure your inner beliefs and dialogue is properly supporting you because this new relationship is not going to fill any holes for you. That's your responsibility. In fact, if you think they'll make your life easier, think again. Yes, maybe in some ways, but, ultimately, they will trigger you and bring out your deepest fears... this is just the start of a new, deeper journey into your unhealed pain. Read "Not to Pop Your Bubble" if you have been thinking this relationship is all you need to make you happy.

Okay!  Now that you've done a little homework and you're ready, we're to the fun part. I suggest making a list of things you love about all your ex's and even your guy friends. It'll look like this:

I love when he comes up behind me and kisses my neck
I love that he laughs at my quirkiness and respects my uniqueness
I love when we can't help but hold hands everywhere we go
I love when we look deep into each others eyes and smile knowingly
I love when he totally gets me and the look he's giving me says it all
I love that he's financially responsible
I love that he takes me out on a date once a week come rain or shine
I love when he surprises me
I love that he plans all the details to our upcoming trips with my preferences in mind
I love that I can tell him anything and he doesn't jump to conclusions. He listens with an open heart and mind unguarded.
I love that he tells me the truth no matter how hard it may be
I love that I feel good about myself being in his presence
I love how we compromise and work together easily on any endeavor
I love how attracted we are to each other
I love how playful we are and that we don't take life too seriously
I love the way we support and encourage each other in our passions
I love when he lets me know he's thinking of me
I love when he makes me dinner or we make dinner together
I love cuddling with him
I love that it's so easy to trust him
I love when he does sweet little considerate things for me unexpectedly
I love that he inspires me to be a better person without any judgment
I love that he listens with kindness and compassion

Try it... you'll like it!  Make your list and read through it as often as you like. You can visualize or feel into each of these statements without a face rather than having to think about your ex or whoever inspired the statement. The idea is to FEEL as if it's already in your life. Don't be afraid to think of a specific person... the universe will bring the right one anyway and loves a good surprise. :)

Please feel free to leave a comment below with any questions or feedback. Namaste.