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I am a twin flame and am helping others find and align with their own twin flames as well.  I have created this blog post to share tools, tips, and guidance with other divine feminines along this journey.  For the feminines, it's all about patience, faith, facing triggers, surrender, healing the past, trust, unconditional love, worthiness, insecurity usually over our appearances, healing abandonment issues, and healing our relationships with our fathers. As a sidenote, the feminine is more public with her tf journey and the DM is more processing internally. My Mayan life path number is all about patience so, of course, I would have to embark on this grand endeavor (I remember my horse trainer warning me that patience would be my biggest obstacle to overcome in life).

"Blessed Are They That Have Not Seen, and Yet Have Believed" ~ Jesus

I talk to a lot of people (both Divine Feminines and Divine Masculines) about this in my job as well as the research I've done so feel free to ask me anything in the comments below or schedule a session.  I'm seeing more and more twin flames coming together at this time (they come together in waves) and it's super inspiring! I share updates regularly on my new private Facebook Group and sometimes I put updates on Instagram or in my newsletters.

Masculines are welcome to participate as well (this isn't masculine in the physical sense, but rather, dominant in masculine energy), but I'm addressing the feminines here because I am one so I know the journey best from my angle. Michael Timby is a great resource for masculines reading this although you may appreciate some resources here as well.

Here's a very inspirational video about the mission of twin flames and what the big picture is.

Here is my page talking about my own twin flame journey. It is full of signs and synchronicities that should increase your faith in your own journey...


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Numbers to watch out for and what they mean (put in "Joanne's Sacred Scribes" with a number in Google for full meanings):
1's = New beginning, Yes's, and a series of ones is twin flames (11:11)
2 = partnership/union, couple
3 = Twin flames (you, your divine partner, and source as one), catalyst/ignition, divine protection, divine partnership, and communication
4 = stability, wedding/coming together/commitment, and being surrounded by angels' support
5 = Divine Change
6 = The "Lovers" card in the Tarot. Balance of masculine/feminine. Equilibrium.
7 = Divine/divinity, spirituality (I see it as 'get present' sometimes if I'm too much in my head). Your spiritual path
8 = Infinity/long term happiness w your ideal mate, twin flames
9 = almost there; 10 = it is done! This is complete. So be it. Your wish is the universe's command.


1) To save planet Earth (AKA "Ascension"). I know that sounds so dramatic, but it's true. We are forming a new Earth at this time and the collective vibration of the planet needs to raise to a certain level for ascension to occur. The happiness and harmony of the twins not only raise each others vibrations, but the entire collective and anyone they come into contact with and inspire during their everyday lives. With all the chaos, destruction, and heartache in the world, the twins are here to balance that out and help stabilize and provide a new template for a new civilization to live by. They are "power couples"... leaders who set an example. Also, twin flames usually have a mission they have together that is also quite inspirational and exciting for anyone participating so that is yet another angle from which they bring great joy to our collective energies. Some twins gets depressed if they don't have some sort of mission together.

2) To be an example of unconditional love. First you heal yourself, then you heal each other in your relationship, then this spills over into everything you do. Therefore, taking personal responsibility is mandatory for this journey. Without it, your relationship is meaningless since this TF journey is all about learning how to unconditionally love yourself and other. It's a waste of time to merely be trying to come into union. Even if you come into union, you'll go into separation because your ego has such a stronghold. Your twin will not be perfect so don't put that expectation on them or think they are the key to your happiness. They may even push your buttons and trigger your deepest fears. Focus on you and your own growth. If both of you do this, you can overcome anything. I highly recommend doing some energy work as well. It can really accelerate your growth and help you let go of blockages.


Think about all the things that may frustrate you about your twin then reflect on how you are doing the same thing. If you want your twin to get motivated, you get motivated about your mission in life... what gets you excited. If you want your twin to move, move into a new place, move into a new office... just move! If you want them to grow, grow. Dedicate time daily to your growth practices. If you think they should get rid of their addictions, you get rid of your addictions (even your addiction to them). This is one reason I recommend Byron Katie's work to everyone. She has a simple and effective process to help people shift responsibility back to themselves. I know that sounds like something you really don't want to do sometimes, but, when you do, you actually feel quite liberated and gain a better sense of humor and peace of mind. It really takes your stress away when you decide to question any stressful thoughts. So don't procrastinate and keep pushing those feelings aside. Address them and set yourself free every time something comes up.


There is a connection between you and this other person your soul is drawn to for a reason. Your soul wants to explore that connection. There's something inside of you that needs to shift. There's something inside that person that needs to shift. It's all to aid in your ascension. Sometimes, even when you're married to your twin, you're drawn to someone new. I know of a couple who discuss these issues with each other openly, when they arise, and decide if they want to explore with these new people and how they'll do that staying committed to each other. They really go deep together exploring and discussing what they're discovering about what this person is reflecting back to them and remain in their relationship making it even stronger as a result. Always be open with your partner. You can get through anything if you are.


I talk a lot about unconditional love. This is love for you as well as for him. If he disrespects you or treats you according to old karmic ways, he does not get a free pass because he is your twin flame. No. If he treats you like that, he's not ready for union. You have to set your boundaries and make sure you're taking care of yourself first and foremost.


Usually, if there's distance (separate locations or a separation in the relationship) it's because there's too great a difference between the vibrational levels of each individual. The more you come into harmony with each others' energies, the closer you get and/or more time you'll spend together. If you are in separation, just work on yourself and grow. Don't dwell in negativity or beat yourself up. Rise up and get passionate about your life and mission.


Do your best to not plan out your partner's future. Don't wait around wishing things would hurry along because then your life will be great. You're not loving yourself or them if you do that. In fact, wanting what's best for them is what will accelerate your union. The more each of us follows our bliss in any given moment, the more we're drawn to our ultimate destiny and since, we are each others' ultimate destiny, guess where our bliss will lead? So, if your partner is long distance and doesn't want to move here, don't push it. Encourage him to do what feels most exciting for him. Otherwise, he'll show resistance and it'll take longer to have to sort all those feelings out and all of that. You'll cause delays that way. Go with what brings them happiness. If he has a karmic partner, let him explore that. Again, it will ultimately help your relationship somehow. Choose the path of least resistance. And, even if it looks like that path is taking them away from you, trust it is actually a more direct path to you. Have faith in God having his hand in this and trust. 

Also, try not to expect them to be a certain way. Sometimes, before we're in union, we think we have an idea of who the other is and have them on a pedestal. Both partners do this. So, realize they are not perfect, just like you, and allow them to be whoever they show up as each moment. Make each moment new by not trying to pigeon hold them as who you knew them to be. I can't tell you how many times I've heard twins tell me their partner showed up out of the blue a completely different person! Forgive the past, if there was hurt, and allow what is not to be what it is and embrace it. Love them just as they are and they will do the same.


I'd heard certain people talk about how they'd been outright rejected by their twin flames. They'd been told they were not attracted to them. I would cringe hearing these stories thinking of how that must play with their minds and felt bad for them. I wondered how they could still think this person was their twin flame? Then it happened to me. The greatest love story of all time. Talk about a brain f_$%^! Then it made sense because how can I lead those on this journey who've been rejected if I hadn't been myself? I'm your guinea pig (you're welcome). It really sucked to get through that, but I came to realize it's a test of faith both in what you believe and faith in yourself. Keep in mind, I've heard, if your counterpart isn't ready, they will block any signs or synchronicities till they are. Some reasons they reject you are:

1) You forced him to face the journey or talked of your feelings too soon (before he was ready). Having said that, sometimes this happens by divine intervention so don't beat yourself up if it just comes out and makes him run. Just give him plenty of space.
2) If you're not his type, he would need to be friends first for awhile before he can feel safe envisioning anything romantic happening. Many masculines have said they were originally not turned onto their twin, but, after getting to know them, and deciding to give it a shot, they were blown away by the chemistry and ease of the relationship and wondered why they didn't see it before.
3) Sometimes they're so scared, they put up a speed bump of sorts to slow you down like pulling back on the reigns of an out of control team of horses!
4) Sometimes it's cognitive dissonance... two very opposite beliefs clashing which causes denial until they sort out who they really want to be and who they can be that with.
5) Sometimes they'll do it to deflect something they're trying to hide. If he can let you believe it's your fault for his rejecting you, it helps him feel justified in pulling away from you rather than face the guilt of not facing you. Later, when you hear the full story of what he was hiding and buying time to keep hidden, it could make you feel silly for thinking anything was wrong with you. So don't go there. If you're going to get in better shape, for example, do it for you. Don't do it 'cause you think that's why he rejected you.

Or perhaps all 5. This experience, believe it or not, is designed to give you more certainty and resolve when you come out the other end of the sting. Don't take it personally. That's kind of the point is to spring back with renewed faith, believe in yourself, do those things you've been meaning to do for yourself, and have faith in this connection despite any illusions that appear before you in the shape of circumstances. And let go!


Your partner does have free will so, if he/she has rejected you, I would completely back off and know it will eventually work out if it's supposed to. The universe has its way of rocking their world and forcing the issue if it wants you together. Move on with your life completely. Do not force anything or do anything manipulative. You don't want to mess with free will.



What does it mean to love "yourself"? First, there's the superficial kind of loving yourself which consists of taking care of your body, cutting yourself slack, not beating yourself up, taking a break, replenishing your energy, having a good attitude, having fun, and recharging your batteries. These things make you happy as long as they are there. Take them away and you'll get sucked back into negativity again. Up and down you go... loving yourself then hating yourself and back again. Circumstances dictating how you feel about yourself.

Then there's truly loving your "self". This a level where you realize there is the drama of life you're interacting with, but remain untouched by. At this level, you see you are not your personality, your body, your opinions, your beliefs, and, instead of feeding or accommodating that persona and its attachments, or trying to be a 'better' persona, you realize you are perfect in this moment as you are...that you are the authentic beingness beyond all of it. You are the tingly aliveness and animation of your body. You are free. Complete acceptance of all life has to offer however it shows up. Loving what is without wanting it to change. This is true love for self.


Yes. I believe this to be the case.  Elizabeth from House of Idems also concurs (I highly recommend her Facebook group) and Dr. Harmony writes of this in her book Twin Flame Codebreaker. There are plenty of karmic partners (those we learn from), but only one that shares this deep soul connection. Don't worry, though, if you think you might be barking up the wrong tree because the universe will sometimes dangle a carrot in front of us (a karmic partner disguised as the real one) to get us to move forward in a direction for our highest good. If we just follow the carrot (like in the matrix, you may have to follow the white rabbit), you are still being led to what ends up being a cake! And the cake will be even better. You can't go wrong as long as you're growing in your love for yourself and passion for life and your mission in it. And, yes, it's romantic! Soulmates can be a brother, sister, dog, or hamster but your twin flame is the one who can set your heart and passion for life on fire. You are the male and female aspects of the same soul.


Yes. Soulmates can be a brother, sister, dog, or hamster but your twin flame is the one who can set your heart and passion for life on fire. You are the male and female aspects of the same soul. Having said that, they can start out as friends which are the types that take the longest, but are the most harmonious in the longrun.


The following list I got from the book "Twin Flame Code Breaker 11:11 Key Codes" by Dr. Harmony:

  • Twin flames feel the need to be honest. The ultimate truth comes up and they feel the need for confession.

  • Twins can communicate about anything and everything and can spend hours talking.

  • Twins feel that they are born to carry out a great mission or have a greater purpose.

  • Twins emit creative energy used to create something productive individually and together.

  • Twins know the other person as well or better than they know themselves.

  • Twins enter 5D (5th dimension time), where time goes by fast, to accelerate the process, getting them on the same page faster.

  • Twins get on a fast track of esoteric cosmic wisdom.

  • Twins start seeing 11:11 around the time of physical connection.

  • There is usually not an immediate chemical attraction (lust); they are typically "not your type". (this is to help us overcome our egos and love from the heart.). Once together, however, the passion is unparalleled.

  • Twins prepare for advanced ascension work and do this work together after each have awakened spiritually, or at least are in the process.

  • Twins can see issues that need resolving in other people and they know how to help them.

  • Twins are always teaching each other.

  • Twins are very intuitive; one or both have a strong connection and are guided by spirit.

  • Twins feel each other's pain (and even have been know to feel each others' hang over and sex with other partners) - even when separated.

  • Twins come together to help complete the balance of their masculine/feminine energies.

  • Twins feel an emotional and spiritual connection (and have usually had some type of kundalini/spiritual awakening).

  • Twins have suffered much pain in previous relationships.

  • Twins usually have some form of telepathic communication.

  • Twins have the ability to heal others.

  • Twins look, feel, and act younger.

  • Twins are capable but have trouble asking for help.

  • Twins activate past life awareness's in order to clear the past.

Other indicators or FAQ I've learned from other sources since I've been on this journey:

  • The Divine Feminine twins usually look into the meaning of twin flames when they meet.

I looked back in time to see when I'd met my twin to see if this was true and it was. I liked another guy at the time we met, but I did start watching twin flame videos right at that time. I was watching them thinking it could be the other guy, but the timing was there.

  • Twins usually feel fed up with regular (karmic) relationships and just want to find their soulmate.

When we first met, he said, "I just want to meet my soulmate" and I said, "You and me both." Ha! Little did we know we just had.

  • As I said, the Divine Feminine usually knows first. Once she/he knows, she starts to reach out to the masculine. At first, she makes more effort than he does, but eventually learns to trust in divine timing and lets it happen naturally. She learns to trust it without needing 'proof'. Part of the reason for this is, she needs to heal abandonment issues and get over insecurities (on the flip side, he's doing the same thing but in a different way which is one reason why he doesn't reach out back except to stay connected however he can find the ability, strength, and courage to while he faces a stage called his "dark night of the soul" which I go into below.).

  • I have shared my personal twin flame story on this page so you can see more examples from my own journey for more inspiration and faith building.

  • Twins trust each other automatically. It can take you back to an innocent, childlike time in your life like how your best friend felt when you were little.

  • The DF's job is protector and dreamer and the DM is the one who 'makes it happen' (the doer/manifester).

  • They can be opposites in some ways, but compliment each other very well - usually one is strong where the other is weak and vice versa. Together, they become an unstoppable force.

  • Twins often have the same or similar physical ailments or struggle with the same things in different ways. For example, if one has a chronic problem with their knee, often times, the other twin either has the same thing or develops it. I know one couple where the feminine's calves pop (how common is that?). After living together, his calves also began to pop. Crazy!

  • Twins often have a significant age difference (not always, but it's common). I don't know why this is, but this seems to be yet another egoic thing they have to get over... that true love trumps societal and egoic rules.

  • Twins can't stop thinking about each other. Even when you put them completely out of your mind and move on, they're still in the background like trying to run from your own shadow. You just can't shake them.

  • Twins boost your faith in the opposite sex again. They make you feel like you can love again and, at the same time, it scares you for the same reason. It can be terrifying.

  • Feminines may feel the inclination to protect him like you would a sweet kitten. I know I did. This is because the Divine Feminine's job is protector and visionary.

  • Psychics and readers can tell you he's the one, but you're ultimately the only one who can really tell. It's just not like anything you've ever had with anyone else before and you'll compare everyone to them. There's a purity... a divine pull that keeps sucking you in.


No. But there were three guys I thought might be my soulmate before I met the actual one. This was partially because of a special circumstance where I was inspired to move to Boulder by a deceased ex boyfriend who told me to go there to find my soulmate. This made me look for him constantly (and the universe had fun with that - the real twin flame I didn't see coming of course). And, reflecting back on their significance, each one prepared me for a certain aspect of my twin I had to get acclimated to. One made me feel comfortable and desired in my skin again and ignited passion in me again for the first time since my divorce. He was 20 years younger, good looking, and tender hearted. He also helped me trust men could be good again. The next taught me about shy guys, what a great catch they are once they commit, and I saw the importance and relevance of past lives and how they influence us in this life. He was also young and super cute. He and I had a really playful, sweet connection. The third was my best friend who was 21 years younger. We hung out for hours and never tired of each other. We made each other laugh so hard for hours on end. We were fascinated by each other. We talked about everything under the sun with complete honesty.  We could sit and 'just be' in silence together for hours. He cracked my heart wide open and expanded me.

My twin has all of the attributes of all three of them only he is just 13 years younger, more mature, solid, established in his work, emotionally intelligent, and more in line with my beliefs.  If I'd have had all this in my twin all at the same time, it'd have been overwhelming and I'd probably have felt I wasn't worthy or good enough. Now I can't imagine anyone better for him than me. I still get twinges of insecurity, sure, but, if it weren't for these others, I don't think there'd have been a chance. I'd have just been too skeptical of it all seeming too good to be true. It's all perfectly and divinely orchestrated so trust the process. You'll know when you've hit home.


The divine feminine is a woman who has gone through hell and back only to come to a loving and mature place of feeling abundant and trusting in the universe. She feels like life is on her side and is quite happy with how her life is at present. Her face is to the sun and she has her arms out taking in the sun's rays. She is grateful and radiant. She has not become tainted by her past hurts. Those hurts have only become the charcoal that makes her fire burn more fiercely. She, often times, is a healer or spiritual teacher or is stepping into some sort of nurturing role in life. She speaks her truth in a loving and passionate way and doesn't cower at opposition. She's learned to stand up for herself with firmness yet gentleness. She takes personal responsibility for her own happiness. She loves her divine masculine unconditionally. She most likely pursued her divine masculine counterpart at first, but came to a place of respecting his process, trusting in divine timing, and surrender while she is pursuing her passions and going forward making her life the best it can be and following her divine mission. She does what her heart prompts her to in any given moment and gives him plenty of space. She most likely also has issues she's healing or has healed with her parents - mainly, her father. She knows she must heal those issues or she will find those issues reflected back to her in her relationship with her divine masculine. She's learning to stand in her power and truth despite fears of abandonment and fear of unrequited love while he faces fears of someone being too needy. She's most likely been watching twin flame videos to keep apprised of where he's at, but keeps letting go, working on any fears that surface, and goes back to pursuing her own happiness and peace of mind.

If this doesn't describe you, remember there are different phases or waves so if you still have some forgiveness or healing to be had till you feel this free, don't be disheartened. Just keep developing and you'll be on the next wave. It's all a matter of divine timing.

I think the divine feminines and masculines were the "sweet ones" who tried to make our marriages work, who tried to be in integrity and honor, who were faithful, told the truth, and did our very best to be the best spouses we could be and were abused, put down, made fun of, and treated poorly as a result. We were "weak" to the cold of heart. These sweet, kind-hearted people have now left these karmic relationships, having learned to love and value themselves, and are now ready to begin a whole new level of love on a level all its own. They are evolving into realizing their worth and yearning for the kind of love that heals you from the inside out... a child like, innocent, pure hearted love that makes their hearts and minds expand and their partner cherishes them for who they are (because they essentially ARE them).  They're coming home to themselves. Pure harmonious love with balanced masculine/feminine energy.


I've heard this before that many twins come into union right at a time in their lives when it felt like their lives were falling apart. I always thought that was weird and my life's always gone so well I didn't suspect that would be the case for me, but, now I think I know why that is. I think it's because unions happen around lunar eclipses and other intense moon energies. Within these energies, you are forced (made to feel SO uncomfortable you make big changes) to get rid of everything that doesn't serve you anymore, face your demons, and kind of start your life all over again with a clean slate. Makes sense that's when he would step in, right? Like having a blank canvas and create new lives together. My twin and I actually met under the energy of an eclipse. 


Sometimes, when we're going through this "life falling apart" time like this, we may feel lonely, betrayed, hurt, and left to fend for ourselves and like no one has our backs... like it's you against the world. But alone really means "all one". When you realize you are all one, there is no difference between you and everyone else and, just like water runs any obstacles, so, too, can you move right around anyone you feel you can't trust anymore and be supported by anyone and everyone. In a sense, when you broaden your scope, you are then supported by ALL of life. A stranger may give you a huge tip, a hug, someone from the past offers you gratitude. You run across a wonderful opportunity.


For some time, Divine Feminines feel awfully ignored and rejected. They question the connection and think this might just be a case of unrequited love and wonder when it's time to move on. You can go ahead and try to cut chords and get rid of him, girls, and that might be a good idea for some of you in case he's not your true twin. But, if he is your twin, there'll be no shaking him no matter what you try (and vice versa). So, why is he not reaching out or responding to you?  I know this is overly simple, but, he's just not ready. Period. Your job, at this point, is to make your wish, so to speak (which you have), and leave it totally alone with faith it's all working out. My guided meditation above helps you be in that feeling tone without putting pressure on your masculine. You just bask in the lovely energy of being with him. Take your attention completely off of him, keep healing, get on with your life mission, and have fun! Also, respect his decision not to reach out 'cause he's got a darn good reason for it. If you were a fly on the wall in his life, trust me, you'd be grateful he's keeping you out of it! He's sparing you. And, at the right time, and in the right way, there he'll be. And you will rest assured he likes you back and all those readings all this time were true. You'll feel silly for not trusting the universe.  TRUST. Do the exercises below to deal with any resentment or other negative emotions that arise. If thinking about your twin makes you mad, don't think about him. The law of attraction will just keep bringing you more frustration.  Just focus on gratitude and enjoyment of life and detach. Also, let him decide on his own who's right for him. Show you're confident in your connection by not worrying or fretting about anyone he's dating. You were made for him... who can compete? Please. Just show your support knowing there is a valuable lesson in this exploration he must go through just as you will closer to union...


When you get close to union, you may experience more temptation. These are sort of like tests, but it's more like God just continuously gives us options we've chosen before along with new choices so we truly have free will and are choosing what we truly want.  There are also dark forces at work trying to figure out a way to not let these unions happen, from any angle they can, because it is causing the vibration of the planet to rise which they do not want.

When you get close to union, you could experience more temptation. I had a guy convince himself he's my twin flame even and stalk me at work. I had another take me out and try to manipulate me pretending to be falling in love with me, but I was able to read it like never before and call it the B.S. it was. One guy heavily hit on me privately and I rotated on my heels to narrowly escape (and he was gorgeous! Lordy.). People started hanging out with me and asking me out left and right. Cute guys, successful guys... great catches! I even had two guys I was previously interested in before I knew my DM, who'd left for adventure in other states, suddenly decide they're moving back to Boulder and immediately came to see how I was doing (gulp). And, yes, I have hung out with some of these guys and considered what a relationship would be like with them. I've only told guys about my twin when it looks like they need to know (I can't deceive someone like that). This discovery is not only part of our growth process, helps us sort out what we really want (and truly value it), but we learn how to be better communicators and sometimes these people hold a key to your future success or kind of fill a void for you in some way as sort of a space-holder till your twin comes into the picture (these are known as 'twin flame facilitators' - other twin flames on a spiritual quest and you help each other prepare) keeping you from feeling lonely and helping you trust in the process and grow each other.

If you know your twin, sex will be meaningless (you'll probably just think about your twin anyway) and you might end of feeling guilty so why do it? Yes, you can have some sort of tantric experience with someone, that's a spiritual experience, and teaches you something deep you can then pertain to your relationship with your twin, but why not discover that with him once in union? Do what you will, but, for me, I want to keep my energy clean and clear of anyone else's energy (you end of getting chords that attach the two of you when you have sex that can enable them to continue to feed off of your energy if you don't get them cleared away before you go into union with your twin). I recommend celibacy, but also not to wait. Get out there, date, and have fun. Just keep it clean. I also try not to kiss. It's hard, once you kiss, to stop and you'll get the guy's hopes up.

If you already have a karmic, they could sense, or even know, you have a divine feminine and try to give you a guilt trip, manipulate, control, or seduce you in order to  sabotage your relationship with her to keep you from coming together. They may even resort to trying to get pregnant so you have a bond forever.



There are lots of readers out there in Youtube land. I avoid fear-based ones and stick with the ones that seem spot on for me as it speaks to the DF (Divine Feminine). If you don't know who your twin flame is, just know that, if they're describing you and what you're going through to a "T", you've got a counterpart out there that is going through what the DM (Divine Masculine) is going through so just learn and grow till you two meet and magnetize toward union.  If you do know who he is, keep in mind these readings are geared toward the collective so not everyone will resonate in every way. For example, I resonate with most divine feminine readings 100%, but, when they talk about issues she's having with her children, I know that's about the DF's who have kids... not me (yet I still listen trying to see if there's a twist on it like maybe it's not about our kids we already have, but kids he may want to have for example). But the rest applies. Also, sometimes, they talk about the DF who's mad and resentful because of years of difficulty between her and her DM. That's not me either. My twin flame journey started in February. So there'll be some things like that you'll ignore and just pay attention to those things that pertain... most of all, the advice.


You'll notice the DM videos are watched twice as much as the DF videos. But, if you are only looking at the DM readings only, you probably aren't ready for union. Why? This whole process is about you learning self love. When you love yourself, you're healing him and yourself at the same time. I always watch the DF videos as well so I can get advice from ancient tarot wisdom (divine divination) as to what to do to grow or assist. In any relationship, you have to take personal responsibility. You can't wait on a man to make you happy because he won't... only you can make you happy so learn how to do that now. If you're more interested in snooping about him, but don't care about your own growth, your union will be delayed.


The most important element of coming together with your twin flame is each of you being balanced equally in your feminine and masculine sides and to be healed and whole individually (it's not like you both have to be perfect, but you've got to be willing to take personal responsibility and not let your ego run the show). In order to do this, you've got to face your shadow side head on. Here are some tools to help you breeze through any triggers and issues that will arise to cleanse you of any remnants of co-dependency, fear, and ego that remain as an obstacle to you guys coming together:

Respecting the Shadow exercise
Learning how to love yourself

I LOVE YOU (I do this every night)
Physically touch your heart, close your eyes, and say, "I love you" to yourself like a mantra repeatedly (and, yes, he feels it too)
Then, once you've got a good buzz going, start thinking back through your day and reflect on anything that bothered you about you and say, "I love you even when..." or "I love you even if..." and keep going till you can't think of anything else that needs addressing. It's a great way to love yourself and get a good night's sleep. You can even do this right when you're hard on yourself throughout the day too.


It's always scary to open your heart up again. There is a lot of pain that comes along with the perks. Those triggers will come up and, at first, you'll be scared they'll respond like your ex's (the "karmics" - the ones who teach us lessons) when you feel like you need to bring something up (all the divine feminines have come through some super hard past relationships to help you grow and make you appreciate this rare find). Then you'll come to realize his reaction doesn't matter because you've come to love and support yourself through this time and can take care of yourself. Plus, there's a quality there in him you notice is kinda new for you... kindness. Compassion. He cares. Deeply. Maybe not about everything, but the stuff that matters. As time goes by, you'll notice you become less and less triggered and you become more and more free through the same clean up process you used on yourself prior to this relationship. The relationship becomes a portal for you to transcend the ego once and for all... only with someone. And, for the most part, they get you. On a deep level, they get you. You just feel it. Sure, you'll disagree, but it'll make sense. You'll balance each other out and kinda 'spot' each other. When both of you become more free, in your power, trusting, and loving, what could ever stand in your way? What God has brought together, let no man put asunder. Our karmics were valuable teaching tools is all. Now we step into fully loving ourselves like never before. We take it to a whole other level. Scary stuff for sure.

This is like the big leagues of relationships!


If you are struggling to get into a good place
and even contemplating suicide, please:

Call 1-800-273-8255

This Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential
support for people in distress.




APOPHYLLITE WITH STILLBITE CLUSTER = Attracts and finds a life-long mate.

ROSE QUARTZ = Invites love into your life. It opens your heart to receive love and gently reminds you that you are worthy of love. Wear this stone or keep it by your bedside to remind you that love is coming your way.


SARDONYX = Sardonyx is a highly protective stone that embodies a vibration of happiness, optimism and confidence. It helps to boost your self control and your level of personal power. This stone creates an excellent grounding action through the earth and base chakras, and brings you back to earth after spiritual work. It has excellent metaphysical properties that encourage motivation, willpower, discipline and strength of character.

MALACHITE = The beautiful green swirls in this stone help to usher away hurtful memories.  Malachite works quickly and diligently to clear away painful heartache and make way for new love.  Try sleeping with this stone on your heart chakra.  Alternately, you can wear the stone as a pendant over your heart or you can sleep it with it under the pillow. 

RHODOCROSITE = The lovely marbling of pinks and whites in this stone helps us to unite the different aspects of our personality so that we can learn to truly love ourselves.  The only way to bring true, authentic love into your life is to love yourself first.  Rhodocrosite helps you to appreciate yourself as it teaches that you are worthy of love, health and happiness.

RHODONITE = The pinks and blacks in this stone remind us that affairs of the heart are often painful.  Rhodonite is the Stone of Forgiveness and it will help you to let go of any pain from a past relationship with an attitude of love and forgiveness as it gently cleanses your aura of hurt, anger, regret and bitterness.

GREEN AVENTURINE = Known as the Stone of Love and Luck, carrying this stone with you will increase your confidence and your luck at attracting new love into your life.  It'll bring you that first date as well as luck with how it goes. It’s also known as a Stone of Abundance, so keep one in your wallet to ensure new financial resources too!

APACHE TEAR = This form of Obsidian is known to absorb depression, grief and negativity.  Legends say that as the Apache women and children watched their men die in battle to save their land and way of life, they cried rivers of tears.  These tears hardened into these Obsidian stones which we call Apache Tears.  The legend says that whoever holds an Apache Tear will never grieve again.  Carry this stone with you to help absorb any sadness you may be carrying in your heart.

CITRINE = This joyful, sunny stone is known as the Stone of Success.  It will help make you feel more empowered, confident and sure of yourself.  Carry this stone or wear it as jewelry to enhance your self-esteem, confidence and joy.